Katie Holmes & Suri Have A Bite After School

Katie Holmes took Suri out after school in New York City on Thursday (September 13). The pair went to eat at Alice’s Tea Cup and then headed over to the American Girl store. Suri had on her school uniform of a white polo shirt and navy skirt.

They both had an eventful week. Suri started her first week at private school on Monday and Katie presented her spring 2012 Holmes & Yang collection with her collaborator Jeanne Wang during New York Fashion Week.

It’s an easy walk to Suri’s school Avenues since it’s located near their Chelsea apartment. Tuition is $40,000 a year.

Life & Style reported that Suri was “really excited” about starting in the new school – especially after she was told about the lunchrooms, basketball courts and various activities.


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    • Oh come on. You’d be carrying your child too if you were walking right into a tsunami of photographers. And she is probably exhausted, too.

      • Sure because carrying the kid will keep her coming out in the picture. If Katie really doesn’t wanna walk among a tsumani of photographers, she shouldn’t be living in NY.

        • Right. She should go live in Buttf*ck, Kentucky just so YOU won’t have to see her carry her own child past a hoard of intrusive pigs.

          Did your own mommy never hug you or something?

        • Every day after school, from age 2 to age 8, my father would take me to a pizza shop. I sure was tired after school, but food sure was an easy motivation! ^^
          (However, it is a bad thing to do cause I ended up being obese and I seriously regret being a brat)

    • Go on youtube and search for videos of Suri and her mother – they are literally swarmed by paparazzi, wouldn’t you carry your child too if it meant they were safe and you could get to where you want to be faster that way?

      • Well, even more because of that she should just leave new york and go to some small town that could be more private.. I mean, for her child’s mental health she has to!!
        What could keep her there? Business? She could easily run it from everywhere else.

        • I don’t see anyone telling Michelle Williams to leave NY, or Sarah Jessica Parker… or any of the other celebs that live there.

          • Well, they seem to have an healthier lifestyle.. They’re not all chased in the same way from the paparazzi..
            Their children seem to be happier and healthier..
            But whatever, I don’t really care, it’s just an impression!

          • SJP and Michelle Williams dont carry their cowering children all over the City, The twins are happily smiling in their strollers. And Mathilda is on her scooter, ignoring the paps.
            For godsake, Katie has to carry Suri FROM THE CAR TO THE DOOR, 20 STEPS AWAY. Come on! That’s normal? Suri needs to stop being babied. Period. It’s all Katies fault. If she would just refuse to carry her, the carrying would end.

  1. Okay, both Katie and Tom need to say no to her when she wants to be picked up! It looks so silly when they are carrying her at 6 years old. Put that kid down for goodness sakes. I don’t care if she is exhausted or just lazy, don’t be picking her up!

    • They should pick her up as long as they’re able to. Kids grow up so fast. So, if your kid was tired you’d make her/him walk? You need to get a grip, who are you to tell another parent what their kid need based on photographs.

      • Boo. You get a grip. If they would just act normal, not like freaks. It’s not just about the paps. THere are MANY MANY times that Suri walks on her own. She is a spoiled brat and what she asks for, she gets. Grow up. Im so sick of this kid and her stupid mom.

        • You’re sick of this kid? You don’t even KNOW this kid. You’ve never even SEEN this kid. You purposely seek out photos of this kid and then complain that you’re sick of her.

          I think you’re just sick. Period.

  2. It is so easy to say “just make her walk” she is constantly surrounded by a mob of photographers. They are only little once and if she is scared you bet your butt I would pick her up and carry her to make her feel safe. That isn’t just a little girl who is lazy, she is clinging to her Mom. She has been through lots of changes and lives a life most of us cannot imagine. Give her a break for goodness sakes.

  3. I’m curious if the people who think Katie and Tom shouldn’t ever carry Suri have ever seen a video of them getting swarmed by paparazzi. It’s scary stuff. Plus, maybe they just LIKE to carry her and want to take advantage of her still being light enough that they can? I absolutely love carrying my niece and nephew (when my nephew will let me; he likes to walk) because to me, it’s a bonding thing. Obviously it’s easier when they’re babies, but even when we have the stroller out and my arms are starting to feel like jelly I like to carry them because then it’s easier for us to chatter and I can give them a quick kiss or a squeeze.

  4. If she really wanted to avoid paparazzi she would live somewhere else.
    If Suri was really exhausted Katie shouldn’t have taken out.
    Come on, Suri is one of the most spoiled brats in Hollywood!

    • She could live in the middle of Antarctica and the paparazzi would still find them. Suri is Katie’s kid, let her do what she wants with her, if they are both comfortable then there is really no problem. And as for her being a spoiled brat, do you know them personally? I’m guessing not. Just like the rest of us all we see is pictures, who knows what goes on. Going through your parents divorce is not easy, hell, it’s one of the hardest things in the world. I’m sure they are just taking one day at a time and trying to do whats best for her.

      • Sure she can do what she wants, like everybody, but if you use a bit of common sense carrying a 6 and a half year old is not the most educational thing to do.
        I have the impression that Suri is a spoiled brat from what I saw throughout the years, waaaaaay before the divorce..
        All the high fashion clothes, the heels, and everything else. Like I said talking about the Affleck girls (who are kind of the opposite),kids should be kids..

      • Not true she went to visit parents and for a whole week she was not photograph, when the live in CA they were very rare photograph. So your statement dosen’t hold water.

  5. And obviously they can do what they want, but these gossip websites exist for us to comment, so until we do it politely we can say whatever our impression is.. 🙂

  6. Suri is my favorite celebs kid. She has this quality and beauty about her that no one else has and I think that’s why she is so popular. I bet she is well liked at school.
    As for being held she is at the age where she notices the paps more and feels overwhelmed with a mixture of enjoying katie’s cuddles.

  7. My cousin is neighbors with Katie’s parents in Toledo, OH and he said a few months ago Katie & Suri were visiting Katie’s parents and said they seen that Suri still drinking from a bottle and taking a pacifier

  8. What is wrong with carrying your child or pushing them in a stroller? Sometimes it is easier to carry them or push them in a stroller, especially if you live in NYC. Besides, she’s 6 not 12.

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