Adam Sandler & Sadie: L.A. Lunch

Adam Sandler took daughter Sadie, 6, and their dog Matzoball out to lunch in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (September 14). Little sister Sunny, 3, wasn’t with them.

After leaving the restaurant Sadie carried her leftover food and her doll. Sandler walked along silently but that wasn’t the case recently when he was approached by a fan on the set of Grown Ups 2 in Massachusetts.

The fan named Denise said she approached the actor to get his autograph but was refused.

According to Perez Hilton she told reporters, “Adam was filming scenes from Grown Ups 2 near my home, and he refused to give me his autograph. So I decided that I wanted to get a picture of him. As I was just about to take it, his car sped towards me and made me drop my camera. It broke instantly, and I didn’t get a shot.”

She decided to try again the next day.

The fan explained, “The next day, armed with a new camera, I decided to go back to the set because I wanted a photo as a keepsake.When Adam saw me he went ballistic. He said I had to leave and angrily asked why I didn’t get the picture the day before. I told him about the broken camera and said I don’t know why he’s so mean to his biggest fan. He then barked, ‘Fine, take the picture already.'”

Her husband Donald then decided to give him a piece of his mind after that incident. He said, “[Adam] knew who I was because he asked me where my better half was. Despite that, he never apologized and just thanked us for watching his movies. I was stunned.”

Of course we don’t know Sandler’s side of the story. It’s probably safe to say the fan won’t be approaching him anymore!


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