Gisele Bündchen’s Bike Boys

An expectant Gisele Bündchen took her boys – Benjamin, 2, and Jack, 4 – to the park in Boston, Mass. on Saturday (September 15). The pregnant supermodel rode her bike with her tot tucked behind in his seat, while her stepson pedalled his own bike.

The day before, the Brazilian beauty was seen in New York City lunching with friends at Bar Pitti in Greenwich Village.

Last week, we spotted Gisele and her hunky hubby, football star Tom Brady, at a charity event in Beantown.

While she’s remained mum on her pregnancy, the former Victoria’s Secret model is reportedly due end of the year.


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  1. Celebrity Baby Scoop, Gisele didn’t take “her boys”. She took her son and step son. Jack is not hers. Jack is Bridget’s. Jack doesn’t even live with them. He visits every other weekend, and lives with his mom in NYC and goes to school there.

    • Why are people like this? People get all pissed when they see Gisele with Jack, as if it’s an affront that the woman gets along well with her stepson and doesn’t treat him different than her own son. Gisele has been with Tom ever since that little boy was born, she has been a part of his life, she spends as much time with Jack as Tom does. It’s GREAT that she treats him like this. You know how many step mothers are awful to their stepchildren?

      I highly doubt Gisele wants to take Bridget’s place as Jack’s mother, like you said it yourself, they only see him twice a month.

      But yeah, give the woman hell for loving her stepson and wanting to make him feel like part of the family.

      “Gisele Bundchen’s Bike Boy and Her Husband’s Other Child” would make a much better title.

      • I didn’t read that the comment as mad that she spends time with her stepson only that he is someone else’s child. Which is accurate. If people get mad at her it’s because she has said things stepmoms shouldn’t say in the past.

    • So disagree. Just because it says “her boys” doesnt mean shes trying to be his mom or anything else. I would be thrilled if i was separated/divorced from my husband and his new lady treated my kids like her own. Like another poster said there are so many AWFUL stepparents that its refreshing to see how good Gisele is with Jack. Some people complain about everything. Gisele is damned with some people no matter what. I’m glad she DOESNT CARE!

      • My daughter’s step-mom calls her daughter and my daughter “her girls” all the time.

        “I’m taking my girls to the library.”

        “My girls and I just made cookies”.

        It doesn’t bother me in the slightest, because I really do think of her as my daughter’s “Bonus Mom”.

  2. Omg! As if people do not know that jack is Bridget’son. Her pregnancy was announced in the tabloids & on tv. We couldn’t miss it if we wanted to. A lot of these women are still pissed Tom did NOT leave Giselle & go back to his Ex once he found out she was pregnant. The media of course used Giselle as the bad guy cause u know she’s responsible for Brady’s decision. Puhlease…

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