Isla Fisher & Girls: Yogurt Trip

Isla Fisher took her daughters Olive, nearly 5, and Elula, 2, to Yogurtland in Studio City, Calif. on Sunday (September 16).

The actress looked down and shielded the girls from the paparazzi while heading to their car.

Her latest movie Bachelorette is about three bridesmaids-from-hell who cause mayhem right before their friend’s wedding.

Talking about her role in the movie full of drugs and sex Fisher says, “I don’t think it’s our job to like our characters. Our job is to commit to telling the story the way it was written.”



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  1. I really don’t know how these celebrities deal with the paps…in their faces and kid’s faces all the time. I’d probably freak and go postal. Is it really worth giving up your freedom to walk about without the intrusion? Geesh!

        • I didn’t say her children should pay the price. I replied to the previous poster’s comment about not knowing how celebs deal with this.
          Linear thinking – you should try it sometime.

          • Don’t worry, Anonymous, there’s some people who just don’t understand and always have to start a fire, even if you were just making a quiet and polite observation..
            It’s not your fault, your opinion was pretty clear,..

      • You’re joking, aren’t you? How could anyone not know that paps like to take photos of celebrities? I would assume that if being bothered by paps really bothers you so much, you’d pick another profession.

  2. Why would you print the one that is the most evident intrusion into their privacy? I truly don’t understand why looking at that picture wouldn’t make anyone feel a modicum of guilt for even coming to a site like this one, when you see pics like that? Kids at events with their parents, fair game, but pics of kids targetted by the paparazzi shouldn’t be published. If the media stopped buying and sharing those pics, which should be illegal, celebs might give more access to their kids at events and under their own terms…

    • I hope you feel as much shame and guilt looking at this picture as you’re saying we all should since you’re, well, technically part of the problem. According to yourself.

    • I agree with Ally. I thought CBS had a policy of not re-posting photos that are were obviously taken against the parents’ wishes. I know that it’s not always easy to tell whether the parent consented or not, but in this case I think it’s safe to say that Isla did not want her daughters photographed in this situation.

      • The point is whether there’s a law that allows that or not. Policies are nothing.
        In Italy the law prohibits to publish a minor’s face, so usually when there are photos the face is all pixelated. And, of course, there are a lot less paparazzi.
        You should get a law that prohibits that, there’s no other way.

  3. I never feel too sorry for Isla Fisher when I see her photographed with the kids, supposedly against her wishes. Ever notice that you almost never see Sacha? He’s very serious about not being photographed by paps and rarely is. Isla, OTOH. is always plastered all over celeb kid blogs whenever she has a movie coming out. No movie coming out, no photos of the kids. After “Bachelorettes” is out of the theaters, we won’t see Isla and kids until the next movie. She’ll go back to taking the kids out for yogurt in some neighborhood that unlike Studio City isn’t full of paps.

    • I think it’s the opposite, the paparazzi are more interested when she has a movie out, like they suddenly become more interested when a celebrity falls pregnant, for example.

      • Maybe, but it’s to an actor’s benefit to be photographed when he or she has a movie coming out. It’s free publicity. The paps get paid anyway.

        And how come you still never see out of character pix of Sacha when he has a film coming out? There’ll be loads of scheduled appearances in costume, but no casual pix at the parks and other places that celebs frequent with their kids. When the Dictator came out in New York, Sacha wasn’t photographed out of character in Central Park with his kids, but there were pix of Isla there with the kids wearing a Dictator t-shirt. Tell me she wasn’t looking for free publicity.

        If you look at celeb sites, you’ll see the same places over and over–the Grove mall, the Arclight theater, Coldwater Canyon park, the Ivy restaurant, Studio City. That’s where the paps hang out. If you don’t want to be photgraphed, you don’t dress up, put on makeup and jewelry and then take your kids there. You go places that paps don’t go to, which I’m sure is what Isla does when she doesn’t have something in theaters.

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