Jennifer Garner’s California Cuties

The Odd Life of Timothy Green star Jennifer Garner was spotted with all three of her children – Violet, 6, Seraphina, 3, and Samuel, 6 months – in Santa Monica, Calif. on Sunday (September 16). Jen’s girls helped push their baby brother in the stroller as they shopped for flowers at Armstrong Nursery.

Later that same day, the Juno actress and Violet enjoyed some one-on-one time together at their local farmer’s market.

It was a busy weekend for the Garner-Afflecks! The actress, 40, was seen taking Violet to karate and later picking up a quick bite to eat with Sera.

The kids’ father is Academy-Award winner, Agro star Ben Affleck.

“My wife’s very patient,” Ben recently gushed. “She does everything. If I have time, I try to spend time with the kids, even if just to be a physical presence, the bath, whatever.


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  1. Jen looks awesome – in a casual, effortless way. Totally irrelevant question — I wonder how she fit 3 carseats in her vehicle – did she take the plunge and get a (gasp!) mini-van?

    • LOL – the part about the mini-van was a joke, right? If not, please note for future reference that driving a mini-van would be a breach of the celebrity code of conduct (by-law 14a)(i)-(v) and could result in a demotion to D-list status.

    • She has the Lr4. My sister has that thing and she fits 3 car seats in the second row with room to spare. I drool seeing her buckle her kids in!

      • Thanks Jenna –
        I only have 2 kids but if I had a 3rd, there’s no way a third car seat would fit in my SUV (Pathfinder). I can’t imagine using a car and buckling up the kids — too hard on the back!

  2. Jennifer is one brave woman (or a glutton for punishment) — single-handedly managing 3 young children in a crowded venue while being pursued by relentless, creepy paparazzi men….. I know she likes to be hands-on, but this is an occasion where a nanny would come in handy.

    • It helps if your older children are well-behaved. Sometimes a single wild-child can be more of a handful than toting 3-4 children around.

    • A nanny is there just crop out look at the pictuers were she eating fruit with Violet, Seraphina and Samuel are no where to be seen. The nanny is look after them while she doing some shopping also all stuff she brought is also no where to be seen.

  3. Why would she need 3 car seats? Violet is almost 7 years old and wouldn’t even fit into a car seat. Even Seraphina at almost 4 wouldn’t even need one unless she’s under 40lbs.

    • Don’t know about Cali, but in my state, the get-out-of-carseat limit is 8 years or 80 pounds (that’s in a booster seat). Four-year-old should absolutely still be in one, and seven-year-old is not safe in the front seat due to the airbag, so either way, it’s three young ones in the back seat. If a minivan is too awful, most SUV’s will accommodate this.

      • in CA it is 6 years or 60 lbs (I think- my friend lives there) I doubt she weighs 60 lbs so Violet will still need to be in booster seat.

    • She would definitely need 3 child safety seats – even the oldest child would have to be in one, albeit a booster seat. Obviously you are not a parent.

  4. Gee her son looks identical to her body guard with those eyes especially! What do you think? Love how maternal Serafina is and checking on him… And how Sera and
    Sam get to play at home while Vi and mommy go fruit shoppIng! Where is the photo
    Of Vi getting a new pet in a pet carrier? Thanx. A mill for Sam! Beautiful!

  5. 3:55. Pm it is called a booster chair ..not a car seat.. Easy my nephew is 6 and he is
    Tall .. Just a seat…embarrassing as it is yes they do have to use it people do not
    Have to know because it cannot be seen from the car door! Jen’s kids especially
    Sera love to peek in on Sam but Vi does not care too much! Sam is so cute ..
    Thank you CBS !

  6. She said car seat not booster seat.

    Anon – obviously you’re a idiot. A 7 year old does not need a booster seat. And I’ve seen them in the car and Violet doesn’t sit in any seat but the one that’s attached to the car. SMH

    • Hey SMH – What does that stand for, “Stoned Meat Head”? You are obviously not a parent based on your limited,inaccurate knowledge of child safety seat requirements. There’s a site called justjaredjr you should check out.

  7. No doubt Jen and Ben have tons of pics of their little one but that #3 pic IMO should definitely be in their collection (I hate paps but sometimes they come up with some gems). Such gorgeous kids BTW. Thanks CBS.

  8. I think the carseat laws can be excessive. My cousin is 23 but 4’10 and 95lbs. At this rate she shouldnt be driving and should sit in the backseat in a boosterlol! What about adult little people? My nephews are 7 and they sit in a regular seatbelt as do most of their friends. I also heard that tge boosters really do nothing for protection in a serious automobile accident but l guess better safe than sorry.

  9. in Germany the law says that kids need to use a booster seat until they are 12 years old or 1.50 meters tall.


    Love Jennifer Garner and her kids are really cuties. By the way, Samuel looks for me like a chubby version of violet <3

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