Jessica Alba: “I Talk To Honor About Not Wasting & Recycling”

Actress and co-founder of The Honest Company, Jessica Alba is doing her due diligence and making sure to educate her daughters Honor, 4, and Haven, 1, on the benefits of giving back.

“I talk to Honor about not wasting and recycling,” the 31-year-old mama tells PEOPLE. “I talk to her about having so many things and that there are children out there who don’t have what she has.”

“So when she is done playing with something or outgrows something, it goes to a baby who doesn’t have it,” Jess adds.

So what has her two darling daughters been up to lately?

“Honor is just running her mouth about her observations on the world, and her desire to be a doctor mermaid,” she shares. “I think Haven will be walking soon and every day she is saying a new word — right now it’s hot.”


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  1. Well, if for once she “recycled” her daughters clothes making them use them more than once! Never seen Honor Warren wearing the same outfit twice.. An this is being responsible?

    • Agreed. If Alba was really walking the talk she wouldn’t be giving her daughters so much stuff to begin with. So what if she gives one of Honor’s hundreds of outfits to a “needy” child. She’s still buying tons of unnecessary stuff. Look at Albas own personal wardrobe, with $7000 purses, $700 shoes, and never wearing the same outfit twice. She’s more of an ambassador for over consumption than recycling and Eco consciousness. What a pretentious hypocrite.

      • Your basically saying that it’s a waste and selfish to buy accessories and other items. Don’t buy earring then. Don’t buy a computer. Don’t buy socks then. That’s what your saying sistah.

  2. Alba may talk to honor about recycling her toys and clothes, but what she SHOWS her daughter is more important. Alba lives a lifestyle of over consumption of material things, jetting all over the world, and buying whatever she wants. This is fine with me, but don’t pretend to be helping the earth while you do it. Alba is an example of superficial “feel good” environmentalism at its finest.

  3. I think you are being too harsh- I know she designed her house to be very eco-friendly, and she is representative of capitalism (Honest Co.) that makes this country the best in the world, despite the last 4 years of trying to crush it. And, I recycle and such, but if had her money, I would buy 10 Birkin bags and not be ashamed! You can have both- it’s not black and white, nor an either/or proposition.

    • That’s pretty selfish to say, actually. And it is a pretty black and white decision. Recycling is the least someone can do and “talking about it” is nothing at all. Yeah whatever if you are rich, you would be spending a lot of money on things but then it would be really hypocritical of you to say to someone else that wasting is bad if it’s all I am doing. Being eco-friendly is all about showing a good example. Talking is nothing. So obviously, her child will see mommy wasting money on clothes and whatever, obviously she won’t see the need to save!

  4. Jus to be clear: I do think she is eco-friendly and her work with the Honest co. is great, but in terms of what she teaches to her daughter, i think HERE is the hypocrisy. Here is the consumerism, here not wearing the same outfit twice is wrong.

  5. Then, of course, if I had her money me too I would buy tons of shoes, etc, but with limits, and especially I would limit my children: if you earn it in a honest way there’s nothing wrong in being rich and in using your money, but it’s sad to see children who grow up thinking that it’s due to them.. I on’t know if I’m clear enough.

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