Jim Toth Escorts Deacon To His Soccer Game

Jim Toth – hubby to actress Reese Witherspoon – was spotted taking his step son Deacon, 8, to a children’s soccer tournament in Brentwood, Calif. on Saturday (15).

Rumor has it that Reese and Jim may soon becoming the parents of a bouncing baby boy.

”They’re both really happy to be having a son, but especially Jim as it’s his first. He’s over the moon about it,” Star reports.


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  1. I do not like it when Jim is. Not with Deacon just taking him from the car.. Deacon
    Has to take off because Reese is too busy to come..cut to the game you will noy
    See Jim cheering him on just carrying his equipment! Jim never seems to want
    The kids… Just like Tom and Katie the new baby will be front and centre, and Deacon and Ava will be in the background ..

  2. Nice to see Jim drop Deacon off while he walks separate ! From his step son.
    Always separate..even with Ava! Why does he do that? Do nit mean to be
    Disrespectful but, if they are adding a 3 rd child .. Why not be involved,
    Every time we see him smiling to Reese but not the other 2 step kids.
    Wish that Ryan was there. I know not seen

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