Kelly Rutherford Pleads For Return Of Two Children

Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford is pleading for the return of her children Hermes, 5, and Helena, 3, after losing custody of them to her German-born ex-husband Daniel Giersch who currently resides in France.

“I’m just thankful that everyone has taken an interest in [my plight]”, Kelly says on Good Morning America on Friday.”I hope people continue to, because I think it will help create change and help get my kids home. I think the longer that this goes, the harder it is.”

“I’m hoping that somehow, some way, this will help change the way the court makes their decision, maybe that’s why it’s happening,” she adds.

First appearing on The View, a teary Kelly commented: “He could disappear tomorrow and I’d have no way to look. My biggest fear is that I wouldn’t know where they are.”

“My little girl said ‘I want to come home, mama. I want to come back to New York,’” she adds. “My son – who’s kind of been brainwashed that where he is is so much better – but he always says, ‘Mama, I love you so much.'”

Kelly  filed for divorce from Giersch – a businessman – in 2009 after three years of marriage.

Geirsch now lives in France and is barred from the U.S. due to a revoked Visa.


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  1. Omg I so so know your pain. Long story but unwittingly gave my vindictive ex custody. Was absolute hell. My little 7 & 5 yr old girls just wanted their mother but he was a monster. Hang in there, I finally got custody but, they were forever damaged so be cautious as to how you proceed. Using your children to hurt your ex should be criminal.

    • Brenda, I understand your pain, but let’s not compare what can’t and shoudn’t be compare. According to the custody agreement, Kelly Rutherford has access to her children half of the time. Yes, it’s in France, but her ex-husband has to pay for a number of plain tickets and for a house in France when she is visiting. This situation (that she has brought upon herself by disregarding the court demands – several times) has nothing to do with the situation of parents who don’t know where their children have been taken and when they will be able to see them again

  2. I wish she’d go away. She lost her kids for a reason.
    Her advantage is she gets to go on talk shows and make out she’s just an innocent victim who has done nothing wrong.
    The father has custody fair and square.

  3. Get over yourself. You are not the first to lose custody of your kids. And yes, courts ARE changing the way they make these decisions, which is why mom doesn’t automatically get the kids simply because she’s the mom. Maybe the next time a judge tells you to do something, you’ll do it.

  4. Yes, because the best way to get your children back is to air it out in the public uou know on twitter, talk shows, etc. I think if she complied a little bit, she may regsin custody or at least work something different out. But, she’s digging her own grave, just my opinion, though. By the way, didn’t she call her son her brother once? Irrelevant but just wondering. I do wish her the best though. I hope she realizes her decisions and cam work pleasantly with her ex in the future instead of being so spiteful.

  5. I don’t know much about custody, but is it weird for a judge to award custody to the father who lives in another country? This seems strange to me, esp. with Halle Berry trying to move out of country and not being able to due to custody issues. I know fathers also get custody, but don’t judges try to keep kids with the bio mom? Again, not judging, I’m just wondering what the case is here. Why wouldn’t she be able to see her kids at all or share them?

  6. She is able to see her kids. Didn’t you read the article? It was the judge’s opinion that Kelly was trying to cut the father out of his children’s lives, whereas the father was willing to facilitate a relationship with the children’s mother. In addition, Kelly refused to put the father’s name on her daughter’s birth certificate despite being ordered to do so by the court. Why shouldn’t the kids live in a country with their father other than “America?” Only Americans deserve custody of their children? Get real.

  7. The children probably have double nationality, not just American. So there is no reason why they should stay in America. I’m sure the judge did not make this decision lightheartedly. The father was the primary caretaker before the divorced too.

  8. This is really not the place to air one’s laundry. There are two sides to every story – and regardless of who is right here, I DON’T CARE. This is a private matter and sites like this are not the forum for this sort of thing.

    • But you do understand why it’s a hot topic? Statistically, half of the mothers visiting this site are dealing with custody issues.

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