Jessica Simpson: I’ll Raise Maxwell The Way I Was Raised

Some celebrity parents encourage their kids to follow in their famous footsteps while others would do just about anything to avoid it. New mom Jessica Simpson says she’ll just follow baby Maxwell‘s lead.

“I’m going to let Maxwell do what she wants to do. I mean, I’m definitely going to parent her the way my parents parented me . . . [but] when I was young, I was like, ‘This is what I want to do,’ and they supported me, and I was doing it by the time I was fourteen years old,” the singer, designer and actress tells iVillage. “I think it’s important to encourage from a young age that whatever you’re passionate about – go for it!”

As for Jessica, she’s got career goals of her own in mind, having seemingly set her eyes on prime time TV.

“I think doing a sitcom is something I really want to do,” says Jessica, who is engaged to Maxwell’s dad Eric Johnson. “[I would] be able to be with my daughter every day on set.”


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  1. Hmm i’m not so sure about this one–depending on what “things” shes talking about her parents letting her do. She did stay a virgin until marriage, and seemingly has a good head on her shoulders. I think Maxwell has a good mother BUT kids need boundries and rules at all times!

  2. There’s an awful lot of ‘I’s’ there. She’s not a single parent..what about Dad?

    It’s all fine and well saying you’re doing to do XYZ but things change, your ideals change and adapt as you grow with your child. .
    Yes mummy loves the limelight but Maxwell might not! And sadly, I sense another Jessica Simpson reality show in the making. I bet I’m not wrong!

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