Mark Feuerstein & Daughters Enjoys Some Farmer’s Market Fun

Royal Pains star Mark Feuerstein was spotted taking his two girls Lila Jane and Addie for a daddy-daughter date at a Farmers Market in Studio City, Calif. on Sunday (September 16). Papa Mark wasn’t seen with his wife Dana or his son Frisco but the trio did have some furry company for their outing – a precious pooch.

It seems Mark and his wife inadvertently named their only son after a General Hospital soap opera star.

“We just liked the name Frisco – we liked the double F,” Mark reveals to Access Hollywood. “So we sent out the e-mail to all our friends [saying] ‘Frisco Jones Feuerstein has been born. Fifteen minutes later, my wife’s good friend Elizabeth calls her and says, ‘Umm… Are you guys huge [‘General Hospital’] fans?’ We’re like, ‘No, why?’ Jack Wagner’s character on ‘General Hospital’ was Dr. Frisco Jones for the last 25 years.”

“So, our son is an inadvertent walking homage to Jack Wagner,” he adds, laughing.

Mark also revealed Henry Winkler  – who joined the Royal Pains cast in 2010 playing Mark’s character’s father – will be returning while Ed Asner – who plays Mark’s grandfather – may or may not be back for more Hamptons doctor duty.

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