Scott Disick & His Beach Boy

Father-of-two Scott Disick looked every bit the doting daddy with his adorable son Mason, 2, in Miami on Tuesday (September 18). As the cameras rolled for their popular reality TV show, Scott made a splash in the pool and at the beach with his active tot.

Earlier that same day, the reality star and his longtime love Kourtney Kardashian were seen canoodling in the Florida sunshine.

Did you see the video of Kourt giving birth to daughter Penelope Scotland?

While some said it was TMI, the intimate footage showcased the moment when she pulled out her daughter in the final stage of delivery.


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  1. He is TOO adorable in that KUWTK episode, the last time I watched that show is when he was still a baby and now to hear him talk was so strange and cute. And the way he acted about those sprinklers, I melted. Too cute. 🙂

  2. Mason is so precious! I loved when he came into the hospital to meet his sister & when Kourtney said her name was Penelope Mason said no it’s sister! My son calls his sister Graycie “sister” and she has the same birthday as Penelope! As for the footage of her delivery it gave me chills and made me cry Their is nothing in the world like bring a new life into the world and grabbing her daughter that she carried under her heart for 10 months and placing her on her chest is a beautiful experience so for those complaining about it Are you serious? Kourtney is a loving mother & for her to share that precious moment in her life with the world is a privilege! It is moments like that I just stop and say thank you what an amazing God we have!! Enjoy your babies Kourtney I know your an amazing Mommy & the love you have for them is such an amazing deep love! You put your babies first before everything and one even Scott not many women do that!

  3. Honestly Scott seems to be a good dad and very much improved from three years ago.. I don’t get why the press continues to say horrible things of him,,

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