Video: Tori Spelling’s Protective Little Man

Look out bullies — Liam McDermott, 5, will give you a “knuckle sandwich in the face” if you bother his baby brother Finn! Proud mom Tori Spelling shared the above video on, showcasing her “little man” who is “such a great big brother.”

“Dean posted this adorable video on his website yesterday, and I just had to share it with you guys,” Tori writes. “Dean was asking Liam how he likes being a big brother to Baby Finn, and Liam’s answers are too cute for words.”

She adds: “My little man is such a great big brother, I’m so proud of him and feel so lucky that Stella, Hattie and Finn have such a great example to look up to.”

Tori and Dean welcomed their fourth child on August 30.


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  1. I think “Kim” above, must really be Tori. That being said, you can’t blame the kids for having douche-y parents. Liam is cute, but it looks like he didn’t want to repeat the story for the camera, Dean made him do it. This family is obsessed with the spotlight.

  2. Kim, are you smoking crack again? Liam is an ugly little boy, inside and out. He is a fouled mouth little brat and looks like a Spelling…ugly in every way. If you want to see the cutest kids in Hollywood, look at the A-lister’s kids…oh right…not many pictures of them because THEIR PARENTS respect their children’s privacy.

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