Willow Hart: Daddy’s Girl

One-year-old Willow Sage and her doting daddy Carey Hart made an adorable pair as they headed out for a day of family fun with mom Pink today (September 17). The trio were spotted taking in the sights at New York City’s Hudson River Park.

Though the ‘Raise Your Glass’ singer was enjoying a day off, she was still the picture of a rock star in her funky printed pants and sky high black heels.

Pink and her baby girl recently returned from a quick trip to London, where she hit the stage at the iTunes Festival in Hyde Park. Though Carey didn’t join them, he wasn’t far from their thoughts: “i miss my man @hartluck i think miss willow might even miss him more. she sits up, looks around, then complains and hands me a phone,” she Tweeted.

The doting mama’s new album The Truth About Love is out this week.


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      • I never said he isn’t one, I just guess that for a baby it could look scary, with all his arms, hands, neck covered with tattoes, etc…
        You must agree that a man covered in tattoes is not the sweetest image of all, so it’s funny to see him with his daughter and I was wondering whether it’s scary for babies.
        You people should just calm down, if one makes a quiet observation it doesn’t mean it’s a violent offense!! Come on!

        • She’s a baby – for all she knows, he’s wearing a heavily decorated turtleneck. She hasn’t been brainwashed yet to think all people with tattoos are mean and scary.

        • You must agree that a man covered in tattoes is not the sweetest image of all,

          No one has to agree with that. Believe it or not, there ARE people in this country who are much less superficial than that and don’t think that tattoos in any way take away from the sweetness of these pictures.

          Kids are TAUGHT what to be scared of. The man with the pictures all over his body is her daddy, someone who has presumably always loved and cherished her. Why on earth would she be scared of that?

          Look at J.R. Martinez. His daughter will never be scared of what he looks like because, because he looks normal to her… since that is how he has always looked to her. That’s what “normal” is, it’s simply what you’re used to seeing.

        • It’s only society that says tattoos are ‘scary’ (total bs by the way). Babies aren’t programmed to instantly think like that, it’s sucky people like you that tell them that.

        • Babies don’t judge or have preconceived notions in the same way that adults do, so chances are she’s not going to even notice his tattoos unless she’s admiring the patterns/colours.

          And besides, he is her daddy and he has always looked like this to her – why would that be scary? I’d say it’s completely familiar.

          Tattoos are nothing to be scared of 🙂

          • You guys really don’t want to understand the spirit of my comment.
            I didn’t judge him as a father, obviously I don’t know him.
            I didn’t judge people with tattooes, who tells you I don’t have one?
            I just said that with all that black ink on his body he could esthetically look scary for a baby, and I was wondering that.
            IT’S OBVIOUS that he’s her dad and has a special relationship with her, but this was NOT my point.
            Do you really have to jump at any comment? I was just making a consideration on an esthetic aspect, not on a moral one or something like that. Is it that difficult to understand?

    • Anna, I just heard Pink the other night in TV interview and she states baby is pretty like her husband but has an atitude like her…

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