Alicia Keys & Her Big Apple Boys

Musical mom Alicia Keys only had eyes for her two favorite guys while out in New York City today (September 19). The ‘No One’ singer and her husband Swizz Beatz were spotted taking a sunny stroll with their son Egypt through the city’s West Village.

Perched atop his dad’s shoulders, 1-year-old Egypt looked adorable as ever, his cute curls poking out from under his hoody.

Proud mama Alicia recently gushed about her son’s latest milestone, telling People, “He just got potty trained!”

“…It’s really just consistency and love and support and it was just so amazing,” she said of the often-trying process.


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    • Funny, this morning on the news they were speaking about how they have linked children’s inability to show emotions to overuse of pacifier because they say babies learn to show emotions from imitating peoples facial expressions and this is seriously limited with pacifier in their mouth. Study advised it only affects boys.

      Not saying I agree just passing on what I saw this AM on Good Morning America. 🙂

    • Because maybe potty-training was important to her, but taking away the binky was not.

      Why do you assume that her potty-training him means that he’s a mature adult? He’s still a baby! Do you expect him to be doing algebra, too, just because he’s potty-trained???

  1. Beautiful family??? He is creepy! 3 other kids with 3 other women. What does she see in him and how come he is never shown with his other little baby girl who is a little thing as well?

    • Agree. I don’t find deadbeat dads to be remotely beautiful, and the rest of his kid’s moms spend half their lives in court trying to get child support.

      • Swizz Beatz has never been a “deadbeat” father. He financially and emotional cares for all his children.

        People really require more care in their own personal lives and stop spreading lies about someone without correct information.

        • That isn’t even remotely true. You don’t even need to know anything about him. Just Google the court cases. He has never “financially cared” for his children without a court order.

          • He has started caring about them since he got with Alicia. I somehow think she has a positive influence on him. I don’t think she would be with him, if he didn’t take care about and take care of all his children.

    • well apparently u dont go on twitter cuz he is ALWAYS with his daughter, he posts pic of her all the time, along with his other children,

  2. Nice to see celebrities out and about with their family and Alicia seems like the most genuine person in the world. I’m looking forward to her new album and anything else she has in store for us.
    And, his other little baby girl? You’ve got to be kidding. Not only is she not that little, she is a year younger than his 5 or 6 year old with his ex, and she lives in London. He has posted pictures of her on Twitter if you’re really concerned.

    @NYC MOMMY, People say everything and I”m not one to believe everything that’s being said. There was also research done supposedly that said pacifiers had absolutely no effect on children’s teeth coming in or their speech. It pretty much comes down to which research you choose to believe. Anyway I’m sure it will go when they decide it should, not the rest of us.

  3. I love the Dean Family. Alicia, Swizz and Egypt are all color coordinated and beautiful.

    I love her new singles, “Girl On Fire” and “New Day”. I have already pre-ordered the album “Girl On Fire”. Alicia is on a mission.

  4. personally i do not know AKeys or Swizz.
    neither would i ever claim to know the full extent of their personal life.
    nor do i see it worthwhile to invest my precious life into negative
    energy. musical artists should only have their music debated.
    their personal lives should be none of our business.
    let’s be real if someone followed us around w/ cameras
    and documented our lives in the news we wouldnt
    want all of it published. no one is perfect so may we all just work
    on our issue(s) and buy her music (AKeys) or his (Swizz) if you like. if not
    there are million of musical artists you can spend your time on. ijs.

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