Alicia Silverstone & Her Little Bear

Actress Alicia Silverstone shared a cuddle with her baby boy Bear Blu today (September 19). The pair were spotted out enjoying some sunshine in New York City’s Central Park.

In a new interview with Bullet magazine, the 35-year-old mom reveals that she struggled to shake her ‘Clueless’ image in the wake of the popular 1995 film.

“I remember doing interviews in London for some movie at the time, and the interviewers would want to talk about the movie, of course, but all I wanted to talk about was murder,” Alicia says. “They probably expected me to be like the Clueless character, but instead I was sitting there saying stuff like, ‘And then they anally electrocute!’ I pretty much bummed everyone out.”

Alicia will be back on the big screen in the upcoming movie Vamps, scheduled to hit theaters on November 2.

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