Bill & Giuliana Rancic Reveal Their Surrogate’s Identity

Bill and Giuliana Rancic‘s lives over the past few years have definitely been well documented. We have seen the couple go through the devastating effects of a miscarriage, learned of Giuliana’s breast cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy and witnessed their struggle to conceive and eventually turn to the help of a surrogate.

However, there was one aspect of their lives that the proud new parents chose to keep quiet on – the identity of their gestational carrier – until now.

“She’s great,” Bill tells NBC’s TODAY Show about Delphine, the brunette gestational carrier who birthed their newborn son Edward Duke. “[We] hit the gestational carrier lottery.”

“She’s a very caring woman,” Bill revealed to Us Weekly in May when then-anonymous Delphine was six months pregnant. “She’s giving us a gift and we’re going to be eternally grateful.”

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  1. Oh, phew. I’ve been laying awake at night wondering who she was…. And I was especially desperate to know whether she was brunette or blonde. Now I know!!!

  2. As I said to comment the last post about them, they are pathetically making up whatever excuse to be on the magazine.
    Why on earth would you need to reveal the gestational’s identity?
    These people should be interdicted from the press.

  3. Why can’t these people just take time and enjoy baby Duke? It doesn’t matter who gave birth to him. You have waited years to have a child so just keep quite and enjoy your baby. HE is who is what’s most important now…NOT YOU!!!

  4. Regardless of the gestational carrier agreeing to carry a child for them, as a woman, I’m sure she is going through the hard emotions of not having the baby that she carried for nine months. As a mother, I’m sure she loved the baby as she carried him, and it is amazing that she agreed to gift this couple with a child, however, Bill & Guiliana need to stop going to the press every five minutes to boast about their baby! Get a grip you two! Let the gestational carrier have the time and privacy taht she needs and deserves to get through this chapter in her life, of giving up her baby. And I have to say, how invasive for them to be in the delivery room, demanding to hold the baby first – selfish couple! Sorry, but that’s my opinion.

    • Actually, they used Giuliana’s baby, not Delphine’s, so she will get over it easily enough. That’s what she was there for, carrying their baby, I’m sure she got paid a great deal for it.

    • She is not giving up her baby. I am sure that this woman understood that choosing to be a surrogate means that she is being paid to carry someone else’s baby. Why on earth would it be selfish for bill and giuliana to be there for the birth of their baby or for them to be the first to hold their baby.

    • Do you know what a surrogate is? This woman has absolutely no genetic link with the baby she carried. It was Guiliana’s egg and her husband’s sperm. I’m sure she prepared for what it would be like to carry him before she agreed to be a surrogate. She got paid to carry him. It was a wonderful thing for her to do for them, but again, it’s not her baby whatsoever. And you really don’t know how she felt about the whole process. A friend of mine is a surrogate, she is currently pregnant with twins (once again the babies are NOT hers, the couple used an egg donor), and she said she doesn’t feel attached to the babies at all. Whenever she feels them kick she just feels excited for the parents. She said it hasn’t been an emotional thing for her at all. It’s very possibly that this is how “Delphine” felt too.

  5. 3/4 of celebs are famewh#res. that is what promotes them – the publicity.
    and they do everything possible to get it !!!!
    these people have wanted and waited for baby for so long, plus the health issues she has had…….and then they pimp the baby out.
    is very sad. move to Chicago, get a real life, no nanny, stay home and take care of and enjoy your baby and your continued good health !!!

    • yeah but these people are worse than a lot of other celebrities, they are really over-covered by the magazines, they are releasing interviews about matters that aren’t of any ANY ANY public interest..
      What are they going to say next time?

  6. Hello people don’t you realize most of these stories are not put out by them they have a television show. Ever stop to think maybe the person that wrote this article got all of the material from watching the show!

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