Samantha Harris Celebrates Josselyn’s 5th Birthday

Samantha Harris celebrated her daughter Josselyn‘s fifth birthday at the family’s Los Angeles home on Saturday (September 15). Along with 6 friends, “Jossie” enjoyed a backyard swimming party.

“Josselyn never asked for anything specific for her birthday,” Samantha tells Celebrity Baby Scoop. “She always tends to see things and say she wants them but forgets about them a day, or an hour, later!”

She adds: “She was excited to get a pink tumbling mat to practice her somersaults and learn cartwheels as well as her first sleeping bag and little tent. We promised her a backyard campout.”

Guests noshed on a Rapunzel vanilla and chocolate swirl cake with vanilla frosting. Not to mention, the top layer was red velvet with cream cheese frosting layers inside.

And don’t expect the television star – who is also mom to 19-month-old daughter Hillary – to go overboard with the birthday parties.

“I feel like some birthday parties can get out of control with the planning, the props, the presents and the parental competition, and I don’t want to do that,” Samantha says.

“My mom, however, when I was growing up always gave my sister and I the best and most fun thematic parties,” she adds. “So now, with our girls, I have that inner struggle to find a happy medium between the two. In the end we decided, for the second year in a row, to invite just a few of her friends — 6 to be exact — and rent a jumpy house. Throw in some cake and we were good to go. She had a blast!”

Guests left with goodie bags full of fun and creative keepsake items.

“We gave goody bags filled with some of Jossie’s favorites. The BabbaBox we gave to each guest had the ‘By The Seashore’ theme since it was a swimming party,” Samantha shares. “I love that these creative art boxes have a good message to teach the kids coupled with really creative ways to express themselves. We have an annual subscription, so each month Josselyn and Hillary get to find new ways to be artistic and make new masterpieces.”

And there were some fun and functional loot bag items for the parents to enjoy as well.

“In the goody bags, we also had an Izty Ritzy reusable snack bag with an adorable cupcake design,” she continues. “What I love about these bags is that we can send Jossie to school each day with these reusable bags and they put a smile on her face because they are so cute, but at the same time we are not wasting lots of plastic bags in her lunch box. I just wash it out when she comes home and put something else in it the next day. Oh, and that leads us to the other Itzy Ritzy item in the goody bag — the cute Bento Lunchbox with an owl on the front. These are perfectly sized for her lunch with separate compartments to keep her food properly sized and not touching the other items. You know how picky kids can get!”

And there’s one item Samantha loves giving guests every year.

“Lastly, each year I love giving a sample pack of Mabel’s Labels‘ personalized sticky labels and a personalized dog tag to each guest,” she says. “The kids stick them on their sippy cups, lunch boxes and everything else that they take to school. You can never have enough!”

With her recent television show wrapped from the summer, the busy-mom-of-two was able to enjoy some fun times with her gorgeous girls.

“Since my NBC show Stars Earn Stripes wrapped this summer, and even though I have been working on a few other projects, it has been so special spending lots of extra mommy time with the girls,” Samantha says.

She adds: “For Jossie, since Hillary is still taking long naps in the middle of the day, I created a Mommy-camp filled with activities I planned just for us two. I had a blast exploring new things with her. We went to the beach, the La Brea Tar Pits, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the planetarium, the beach again with her little sister this time then a family trip to the big aquarium in Long Beach and later the Natural History Museum. We did special art projects, cooking and picnics as well.”


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    • I know right. I mean.. She gets PRESENTS… On her birthday… She is going to be a drug addict later, just like Suri Cruise….

    • i thought it looks like a pretty normal kids birthday party to me. except the gift bags – but those are typically free for celebrities because they mention each product by name and give a lot of publicity.

      i am a single mom to a 3 year old girl and i definitely do NOT make a lot of money, but my daughters parties look a lot like samantha’s kids party. bouncy house, cake, some presents, etc. nothing extravagant.

      i personally think it’s nice that she gives her children a normal birthday party, instead of an insanely huge party that the child doesn’t even enjoy because they’re so overwhelmed.

      • I believe celebrity gift bags are equal to our loot bags which I do for every kid’s birthday party and of course prizes for the games. Guest go home loaded down and I am not wealthy either. It just what Americans do. I personally don’t think pony rides, magicians ,clowns or characters (which usually scare some of kids anyway) are necessary. However, I have done a couple great theme parties including fear factor which the kids loved.

        • It may be what YOU do, but please don’t speak for the rest of us Americans.

          I love how you think “loot bags” and sending your guests home “loaded down” are the right thing to do and pony rides and magicians are not.

          Your way or the highway, right NYC Mommy?

  1. This mom is so annoying. She says it was a low key event then goes on and on plugging products and name dropping like the party was one big advertisement. If it was really about her daughter why the need for a press release and long dissertation on the gift bags?

    • Amen sister!!!!! In fairness, she is not the only celeb that does this, but it’s mostly d-listers and those who “need” the publicity. Can you picture Angelina, Jennifer Garner or Katie Holmes, Halle Berry, etc., etc., doing that?

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