Snoop Dogg’s Son Corde Reveals Controversial Pictures Over Twitter

Rap icon Snoop Dogg’s 18-year-old son Corde recently lit up his Twitter page with numerous provocative pictures (some of which have since been removed) of himself – alongside his 40-year-old Long Beach-born father – smoking pot. In the above photo posted over the weekend, Corde is pictured lighting his dad’s bong.

In a series of captions, the eldest son of the rapper and his wife Shanté Broadus – who is also known as ‘Spanky Danky’ and is a self-proclaimed hippie – wrote things such as: “I been on bongs since middle of high school jus started fu**in wit vapors and Js more” and “Recording, rollin weed, and tweeting this.”

Snoop Dogg’s affection for marijuana is well-documented – the rapper claims “it makes me feel the way I need to feel” – but his fondness for the green stuff has often landed him in hot water.

In December last year, the rapper was sued by a Lebanese concert promoter for allegedly smoking weed in a Middle East club in 2009, and he was also arrested in Texas in January of this year after authorities searched his tour bus and found three prescription bottles filled with marijuana cigarettes.

Snoop has also claimed that he needs to smoke marijuana for medical reasons.

On the Chelsea Lately show in 2010, the singer stated he was granted a medical marijuana license.

“I needed it,” he said. “I was having migraine pains and my vision was getting blurry.”

“I get a little nervous in front of people,” he adds.


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  1. I do not have a problem with people smoking weed. I have a major problem with a parent smoking weed around/with their children. Not cool whatsoever.

  2. Although I dont condone parents smoking with their kids. This may be a special case….After all his son is 18 and I am pretty sure he know his dad smokes. The rest of the world does.

  3. In no way shape or form should he be condoning this behavior for his son. Its embarrasing and as a parent I always thought we wanted our kids to be BETTER than us. Son might smoke anyways but dont encourage it SNOOP!

  4. how disgusting. they both should go to rehab and stop acting as if it’s “cool” to smoke pot because in reality, they are both addicts. i’m also pretty grossed out that this was posted on THIS site, alongside with cute pics of babies & toddlers! ridiculous! take it off!

  5. I think some of you guys are overreacting a bit. Pot is everywhere, teens do it behind their parents back’s all the time, they are just doing it together. Besides, what kind of contradiction would he be if he did not allow his children to experiment with it? Obviously this kid liked it and chose to continue smoking it. What’s the difference between this and a farther & son smoking a cigarette together? And c’mon this is Snoop Dogg, I mean did we honestly expect anything less? It would of been more controversial if it was his younger son or daughter. And by posting this, I do not condone nor encourage drug usage. Personally smoking is unhealthy period, no matter what it is.

  6. Weed is still illegal and until the day its legalized being caught with it is still a crime. Therefore all you teaching your kid is its okay to break laws. Worst yet your publicizing it for the world to see!

      • Fyi It’s not legal for the vast majority of people in CA. It is regulated like prescription pills. I live there too and Obamas agency has been cracking down hard on the dispensaries and doctors despite the state laws. I think the drug war should end, personally… But I still think its stupid for an 18year old to be posting pictures online of smoking pot with his dad. It’s not something to brag about really.

  7. I really enjoy the “role model” and pathetically satirical father figure comments. What exactly is it that a good role model does? Shows someone how to be “successful” in life? What dictates success then? Moral worth? Self worth? Financial worth? If that’s all, how many of you are currently without investments, worth $110 Million dollars? None? Oh, well Snoop Lion happens to currently be worth more than that. So as far as showing his son how to be successful at life – well maybe it isn’t through the means everyone approves of – but I’d certainly take his advice if I were looking at becoming a performer, as his son is looking to do.

    On to Cannabis.
    Cannabis usage is a personal choice – like any other substance people choose to put in their body. What people need to analyze is the actual side effects – LEGALITY ASIDE – of all substances, before determining weather or not they are “good” or “bad”. Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, Ativan – all are drugs very few people seem to have an issue with when prescribed legally, but what percentage of people truly NEED those items to survive? Doesn’t it, for those who don’t need it to LIVE, just make their day a little easier? A little less painful?
    And what about folks who are regular caffeine users. Does that not improve the quality of their life in someway? Or else, why choose to continue doing it?

    Because something is done regularly, or enjoyed habitually – it doesn’t make it evil. Substances also don’t MAKE you into anything. It’s your own choices that do that. Some people can party, take cocaine, go to concerts, do whatever – then move on with life. While others don’t have the personal discipline and willpower to even resist a second drink of alcohol. The point however is – the booze, the weed, the drugs – aren’t what make people behave like idiots. People do that all on their own – or would find another substance/outlet for that kind of behavior.

    So to all the cannabis bashing – tut tut on making decisions without scientifically backed information, and instead letting personal opinion dictate your actions. Many sports heroes, physicists, engineers – and other such intelligent do-gooders of this world are daily cannabis users. They just don’t let that define who they are! And to the others dogging on the “Dogfather” – he never claimed or set out to be a role model folks.

    Source: MSCE Grad 2006, UAA Anchorage AK

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