Anna Faris & Family Enjoy A Lunch Date

New parents Anna Faris and Chris Pratt were spotted taking their newborn son Jack for lunch at Cheebo in Hollywood, Calif. on Wednesday (September 19).

Chris previously spoke to the Washington Post about his then-expecting wife and his excitement over his upcoming role as a father.

“She’s doing so great and just impressing me every day with how much tougher than me she is,” he said. “She really hasn’t complained or even remarked about how hard it is or how uncomfortable it is. If I was pregnant, every day, I would use it as an excuse to get something done for me. I’d be like, ‘My legs are sore. Get me a soda. Honey, I’m pregnant!’”

“If we have another son, I have that name picked out, and if we have a daughter, I have that name picked out ,” he adds.

“I see these people who are grandparents like my mother- and father-in-law or my mom and dad,” he says. “They’ve got all of this life around them that sprouted from them. That is a huge source of their happiness. It’s an investment — you give up the spontaneity and the ability to go travel the world on a moment’s notice or stay out late and have fun and be wild and irresponsible. That’s all fun stuff. I love doing that stuff. But I’m willing to give that up if it means that the third third of my life will be filled with all the life and love that comes with [family].”


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