Bill & Giuliana Rancic Share Picture Of Duke

Duke is a doll!

Proud new parents Giuliana and Bill Rancic shared a sweet snapshot of their 3-week-old son Edward Duke on TODAY Wednesday. “I look at that picture ten times a day and I still coo!” the first-time mom 37, gushed. “He’s just adorable. He’s so cute!”

Baby “Duke” was born August 29 via gestational carrier, a woman recently revealed as Delphine.

“We just stare at him all the time,” she added. “He’s got big eyes and he’ll just stare at you for ten minutes at a time. It’s just unbelievable.”

Breast cancer survivor Giuliana and Bill, 40, struggled to conceive and went through a miscarriage before deciding to reach out for Delphine’s help.

“She gave us the greatest gift in the world,” the new mom said of Delphine. “When the baby came into the world, we just started hysterically crying tears of joy.”


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  1. He’s a beautiful baby and I’m so happy for them, but this poor kid is going to be made fun of in elementary school for that name, Duke. The kids will be calling him Dookie. Just hope they’re prepared for that.

  2. What a beautiful baby boy. Reminds me of my children and grandchildren. You did good, Bill and Giuliana. Your whole family should be proud.

  3. Congratulations Bill and guliana!! Guess what !? My name is Delfina !! I love u guys and I’m soooooo happy you never gave up! That baby boy is beautiful. I’ve had 9 pregnancies and I net 3 beautiful Children! I’m glad we never gave up either. We have a 30 yr old girl, Adina and two boys Joseph Matthew 23 and Joshua Daniel 20. They’ve given us the best memories of our lives!!! I told my husband, Joe , if I died now I’d die happy! I just turned 60 and, oh, we celebrated my birthday at none other than the best restaurant in town RPM!!! Love you guys and never give up. Oh, we are Chicagoans, forgot to tell you.

  4. il est admirable cet enfant et voyez ce qu’on peut faire par amour pour l’amour et avec l’amour.que Dieu vous protège amen

  5. I am surprised that i feel compelled to comment, because I never have done so on any internet article. However, I am so very happy for the two of you! You both must be over the moon on your new addition. He is adorable, and is a very lucky child to have two parents that went the extra 100 miles to bring him into this world. May God bless you with health and happiness.Thank you for bringing humor and love into my household, which right now is not always that humorous, as on chemo days I can be a grump. But I do laugh at myself as often as possible because I will win and humor is what makes everything brighter… Guliana you have been my inspiration, and I THANK YOU for your strength.

    Renae Cupic

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