Claire Danes: Motherhood Wil Be A “Profound Change”

During a Thursday appearance on Anderson Live, Claire Danes says that impending motherhood is sure to be a “profound change.”

“There’s no way of anticipating what that’s going to mean for [husband Hugh Dancy and me], but we are very excited,” the Homeland star, 33, says. ”We are going to love this person, I know that.”

As it turns out, her mother’s past profession will help her in the coming years.

“My mom ran a toddler school in our loft; I grew up in the city,” she explains. “So I grew up with 1-and 2-year-olds all throughout my childhood, and I know about early childhood development — that particular window I am pretty educated on.”

She adds: “Anything before and after I might have some trouble.”

Admitting she has “no patience,” the mom-to-be has found out the baby’s gender — but the rest of us will have to wait. “It’s important to keep a little something to ourselves because we are so public,” she says.

In respect of her privacy, Cooper surprised the actress with two onesies with a Homeland twist – one pink and one blue – each reading CIA — “Cutest Infant Alive.”


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  1. Outside the context of wanting to surprise grandparents and other family, I can’t understand the big deal about revealing the sex. When I found out, I didn’t care if the whole office knew I was having a boy and then later, a girl. If there were complications, then I would be more cautious…

  2. There is a typo in the title…Not trying to be snotty, just trying to help you out before someone else does get nasty about it! 🙂

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