Farrah Abraham: “I Haven’t Had Sex In 2 Years”

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham isn’t rushing into another relationship. In fact, the single mom, 21, reveals to In Touch, “I haven’t had sex in two years.”

“There are too many risks and emotions involved,” she adds. “It’s always best to wait. I don’t believe in kissing someone right away, either,” she shares.

Mom to 3-year-old Sophia says she won’t be waiting for marriage, but, “I’m working very hard in my future to do it right the second time.”

She recently split with her boyfriend of two months, John Parra – a board operator for the On-Air with Ryan Seacrest radio program.

“I’m happy I chose not to touch him or get serious with some guy who seems controlling and clingy,” Farrah reveals. “I’m happy I shield Sophia from any guy drama that is caused by whomever I’m dating at the time.”

“I’m ready to find a real partner now,” says the young mom, who is set to star in her upcoming spinoff series.


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    • I think it’s good she’s telling us this. HELLO! Most people who know her or pay attention to her know her from teen mom and most the people who watch teen mom are teens and preteens!! So it’s good she’s saying this to them! So teens don’t think that they have to have sex or once they do something they have to continue on with that!

  1. She is so full of herself! She loves to spin everything into something that the guy was doing. He was clingy and controlling??? I call BS on that, considering how she was treating the guy that she was seeing from Texas. She pushed him into a corner about getting into a serious relationship, buying a ring for herself, telling him that this was the kind of ring that she wanted, and so much more. Yet this recent guy was controlling and clingy. Pot meet kettle??? I just cannot stand her arrogance and her holier than thou attitude. It’s pretty ugly when you talk about people that way. What does that say about her?

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