Get the Look: Vilebrequin

Mason wears Vilebrequin Boy’s Penguin Swim Trunks – $150


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  1. what two year old needs 150 swim trunks??? I hope this family is putting some money away for a rainy day because this gravy train will NOT go on forever.

  2. That is way too much for something he’ll wear four times, tops. I get that they have a lot of money, but why so much waste? Their shows will not go on forever, and even though most of them have other jobs, they don’t make nearly as much as they do on their realities.

  3. WOW…Ok I know that they are rich. And I have and spent a lot of money on my strollers, car seats, and furniture for my children because I know that I can use if for a while, but this is crazy. 150 for some swim trunks? Craziness!!! My daughter was given a Burberry swimsuit by my mother-in-law that she got on sale. I get embarrassed when I let her wear it…

  4. You all have to remember that people in the public eye get TONS of stuff sent to them from designers and stores. I’m not saying she didn’t buy those particular shorts, but a lot of stuff is given to them for free advertising, so you can’t really judge what they spend their money on.

  5. Holy cow! 150 on a pair of baby swim trunks that Ridiuclous!! There are out of there fricken mind !! I wish I had that kind of money to throw away on stupid crap! Wow wow wow!!!

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