Jessica Simpson: “We Don’t Have A Nanny In The Day”

In addition to the recent black and white family photos she shared, new mom Jessica Simpson posted a few more sweet snapshots via Instagram.

“I think that we can easily put expectations on our children just by comparing them to other children,” Jessica writes on her first blog for iVillage. “I obviously want to know that my daughter is healthy, that I’m doing the right thing in taking care of her and she’s getting all the nutrients that she needs.”

She adds: “But, I think that as parents, we do a lot of comparing and we don’t really focus on our child in their own individuality. Taking away all the comparisons is a really healthy way to parent — and not focus on the percentiles and all that kind of stuff.”

“We don’t have a nanny in the day, but we did have a night nurse in the beginning, and it’s really helped me stay sane,” the singer-actress-fashion designer writes. “Anybody that can be there [helps] — even if it’s a relative who can help you so you can sleep in the first couple weeks of being home from the hospital. You have much more of a clear head. It’s really hard in the beginning and nobody can prepare you for it. But I really did get lucky: Maxwell is able to sleep through the night!”

Being a first-time mom can be daunting at times, Jessica admits.

“I think all moms just want to make sure that they’re doing everything right, especially first-time moms. You’re going into it really not knowing what to expect even though there’s books written on it and you can try and get all the information you can. You really don’t know until you have them in your arms and you take them home — what choices and decisions you’re actually going to be faced with every day.”

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  1. You don’t really know what it is like to bear the full responsibility of a newborn, Jessica, with the help of a “night nurse.” In fact, you don’t seem to know a whole lot about anything, so shut it, and go away.

    • And if you send your kid to daycare, you don’t know what it’s like to bear the full responsibility of a newborn, child, pre-teen or adolescent either.

      Why do we all have to judge and make sure that the world knows that we have it harder than rich people?

      • You’re just BITTER and JEALOUS that your husband cannot either 1) afford a night nurse so you both can get rest OR 2) cannot share in the waking up in the middle of the night responsibilities so you wouldn’t have to bare it all on your own (ever heard of pumping and bottling your breast milk??)

        “But I sucked it up and did what I am biologically supposed to do as a mother.”


        In the past, it took a village to raise a child. And mothers never went at it alone. There were always family members and friends.

        In fact, it could be detrimental and dangerous for a person who is supposed to be watching an infant to be tired, cranky, and sleepy.

        Your baby won’t love you anymore because you didn’t get any sleep when she was a newborn. Your baby won’t remember or even be aware of that as she grows up.

        • LMAO actually I can afford a nanny and so can my husband. I’m sure you’ll think I’m just saying that but my husband is a well-known Canadian producer so a nanny is not a big deal. But I’m “bitter” and “jealous”, right?

          I have pumped and bottled my breast milk for my daughter and have also shared some night responsibilities with my husband. I have exclusively breast fed my daughter and happily done so, even when the going got tough.

          You really come across as uneducated and rather sad. Your reply is so ridiculous and angry that I actually laughed out loud. Biologically, new mothers are designed to be able to cope with the demands on our minds and bodies by our infants. We are designed to be able to cope with the lack of sleep. Quite frankly, if you are stupid enough to believe that you would not lose sleep after having a baby, you have no business raising another human being.

          I suggest you care a little less about what people comment about on the internet and have a chat with mental health professional.

          And, Anonymous, I have nothing against Jessica Simpson. I spent a lot of time defending her on this website when people repeatedly slammed her for gaining so much weight. What I expect is that someone in the public eye follows through on their statements. If she just went about her business, raising her daughter, I wouldn’t be commenting on her night nurse but she has proclaimed from the rooftops that she’s some kind of supermom. And she’s selling her kid. Why do I need to “calm down” when I’m not angry? That’s a super bizarre spin you put on my post.

          What is incredibly sad to me is the legions of GOOFS on this website who get so excited about starting a flame war and behave like fools. Not one of you would dare behave this way in person so why treat other people with such hatred and spew such constant vitriol? Pathetic! And no, I wont be reading more of this thread or responding to your ridiculous comments (above posters) but if you’d like to waste your time replying (which I’m sure you will), go on ahead.

          I sincerely hope you miserable and ignorant angry idiots get some help for the obvious joy you get out of flame wars. LOL

      • No, what you’re doing is setting her up for failure. You somehow expect that someone (who says she was made for motherhood and or who thinks she’s doing a good job) is PERFECT. No one, not even Jessica Simpson, has claimed to be perfect.

        This woman CLEARLY gets to you. Okay, so why don’t you calm down and simply STOP reading stories about her? Stop reading quotes? Stop reading interviews?

        What’s with all the righteous indignation?

      • Not everyone send their kid to daycare just so they can go home and sleep, by the way. Most parents do so cause they have bills to pay and mouths to feed. Also, school is pretty much mandatory so it is not the same thing at all.

        It’s not that “we have it harder than rich people”, it’s more like “she is ridiculous with her money.” A night nurse … omg can’t you see the ridiculousness behind this?! How selfish is that? Having a child is already pretty selfish and now you’re going to make your sleep a priority rather than taking care of the child yourself? Please. Get a puppy.

  2. Good thing Maxwell sleeps through the night. Jessica can save money on that night nurse. Get real! Mother’s are thankful their babies sleep through the night so THEY can get some rest.

  3. I can’t believe iVillage would even post that knowing that their readers are regular moms who can’t relate. Jessica is an idiot for writing about her night nanny. Is she expecting kudos? Applause? What was the point?

    • If they only posted stuff that everyone could relate to, there’d be no articles.

      I can’t relate to to not having to worry about pregnancy and childbirth bills. I can’t relate to having the best doctors that money can buy. I can’t relate to having 24-hour a day help. I can’t relate to being able to pay someone to do every single thing in your life that you don’t want to do.

      She’s still a new mother, and some things transcend economic lines. Let her be already!

  4. People who are commenting about the night nurse are jealous. If they had money they’d be the first one to get one. Sorry, but your comments give you away.

    • If I would have a lot of money I would have a lot of things. But I would not have a nanny for day or a ‘night nurse’ for caring for a single Kid in it’s first months.

      Of course it’s ok if they have a nanny when they start working regular again, it doesn’t really matter, if it’s a nanny or a daycare or … But for every mother (and father when he’s not working, like weekends), no matter if ‘celeb’ or not..
      You really should take care for your baby on your own, together with your family, if that’s possible.

      • Well let me guess, you don’t have any kids?

        I have 3 kids, 5 y/o, 3 y/o and 6 months, I know what a sleepless night is. I actually haven’t slept a full (6h) night in a long long time. Sometimes my kid would wake us 15 times per night cause she can’t find her paci and can’t fall back asleep without it… If I had the money, heck yeah i would hire someone to stay awake the whole night to give my kid her paci 15 times per night so I could get a full night of sleep and actually think straight the next day.

        Trust me I love my kids (wouldnt have 3 otherwise) but being rested would actually make me able to have better quality time with them, so yeah, I can understand why she hires a night nurse.

      • “I would not have a nanny for day or a ‘night nurse’ for caring for a single Kid in it’s first months.”

        But after it’s first months, it would be okay? And it’s okay if she’s working?

        So basically, YOU have decided for HER when it’s okay to have childcare help.

        That would be funny if it weren’t so damned pathetic.

        • I have 2 kids 🙂 they are 3 years and 14 months now.

          I think it’s ok to give your kid, when it is old enough, to daycare so that you can start working. (Started 2 month ago). The rest of my opinion you can read in my post above.

          By the way:
          when our kids were able to search their pacifiers on their own in their beds, we started to put 5 in the bed, the chance, they find it in the night was so much higher. Kid happy, not crying, sleeping again, parents happy 😉
          Thank god our kids don’t wake up in the night so often, but I know, that some parents have it harder.

    • Not true. Hiring a nanny is not an extraordinary luxury. Many middle class folks do it. It’s not the biggest deal. It’s about how she expects us to be proud of her for not having a nanny—but she completely copped out. People are not jealous of her, that is so ridiculous. I hate when people throw out the “you’re jealous” card over celebrities. It’s such an uneducated comment.

  5. Really if l could afford a night nurse l would have one!! I love sleep and l admittedly am a cranky miserable person with no sleep. So if l can be happy during the day which means l am giving my child 100% of me during that time then yes l would totally consider it! People say its such a bonding experience and l dont disagree but how many of you remember as a 2 mos old snuggling with your mom at night. Granted if your nursing then l dont see how this would work. But to each their own. Nobody should br made to feel crappy about their choices in parenting!

  6. I love my sleep but a night nurse? Just adopt a one year old kid that sleeps through the night and be jolly!
    I am not a mother, therefore I am not jealous. I am also in love with sleeping so whatever stops me from sleeping becomes my worst enemy. However, I think a night nurse is really pushing it. If one can’t handle a child with all it comes with, why not … not have one?
    I might change my mind if ever I have kids. Too bad I don’t want to have any ^^

  7. She really shouldn’t be bragging about not having a nanny during the day… Having a night nurse is the same thing!! Only it’s a nanny at night!! Give me a break Jessica, you should at least TRY taking care of your daughter by yourself like the rest of us!
    And no, I’d never want to have a nanny. It’s the most precious time you’ll ever have with your baby. Jessica needs to suck it up like the rest of us!!

    • No, you see, she doesn’t HAVE to do anything…. least of all listen to strangers giving her parenting advice.

      Sheesh, how self righteous can you be?

      • Anonymous, you’re a hypocrite. You’re the one telling strangers they are self righteous. Or full of righteous indignation. LOL! What’s with all the Jessica stans on here?

  8. I suspect that Jessica and her parents are some of the angry defenders in this post which falls right in line with everything we’ve learned about Jessica Simpson. She’s a lazy, spoiled, selfish, self-preservationist whose parents have always done whatever they deemed necessary to shield her from the slightest discomfort or responsibility. She doesn’t do anything that she doesn’t want to do. People are not angry about the isolated issue relating to her choice to hire a nanny. People are angry about the fact that in every area of her life, she constantly cops out and uses her money to get other people to handle her responsibilities. That’s just who she is. She’s a child playing at being an adult.

    As for the night nanny issue specifically, I don’t know a real mother in the world who doesn’t hate the exhaustion that comes with parenting an infant. But all would testify to the truth that if given the choice to skip those midde of the night bonding moments, we wouldn’t do so because we believe and know that that’s a truly important part of the bonding process in general. It’s those sleepless nights spent soothing a tummy ache, a fever, or even just a cranky episode that we learn to love someone more than we love ourselves. Those are also the moments that teach our infant children to know us as their constant and abiding protector. I personally could have afforded a nanny. I also had reitred parents who were willing to do the heavy lifting, so to speak, with my infant daughters. My husband was and still is also a very hands on dad who would get up to help any time I asked him to do so (and when I was ill, I did ask for him to help me) I CHOSE to do it myself because I believed it my responsibility and, more importantly, because I love my children and I want to be the one who is there for them when they are in need. You can take your “you’re jealous” comments and shove them up your short-sighted, defensive arses. I’m deeply grateful for those unbelievably hard days and nights I experienced as a young mother. They bonded my children and me in a way that no other experience could and they also made me a better person in general. By not copping out and letting someone else do the hard stuff, I not only taught my child to know me as tender and trustworthy, but I also taught myself that I am stronger than I otherwise would have recognized myself to be. I survived the sleepless years and came out of them richer for the experience.

    P.S. Dear celebrity community: The “jealous” comeback is quite tired and it makes you look most ridiculous. If you knew the truth about what most of the world thinks about the choices you make and brag about, you’d be incredibly surprised and humbled. There is a small demographic of people who idolize you and then there is everybody else – the ones who view your pathetic, tragic outcomes as constant reminder to the truth that we have it so much better than you BECAUSE we don’t have access to all the money and privilege that leads you all to abandon the concept of hard work and family values in exchange for a pampered existence wherein you are forever shielded from every life circumstance that would afford you the opportunity to find out who you really are, or to grow. In reality, most (not all) of you are just the high school quarterback and head cheerleader who never grew up or realized that having the coolest car or the best hair is not what life is about. We don’t envy you. We pity you.

    • RIGHT ON, Saylor!!!! I also suspected that the angry comments are somehow associated with Jessica or are some of her rabid fans/stans.

      There is nothing worse than the “jealous” comebacks, especially the ones in this thread. I was called “bitter and jealous” because my “husband can’t afford a nanny”. It’s sad to see people leave some idiotic comments, especially not knowing people’s circumstances. I CAN afford a night nanny and I CHOOSE not to so I’m quite sure I’m not “bitter and jealous” LOL. Because, like you, I choose not to be a cop out.

      The whole “your kid won’t remember” thing is equally bogus. The early years and the experiences within them shape our children. The mind is an iceberg. Just because we don’t remember it doesn’t mean it doesn’t influence us. It’s frightening that people believe that just because their baby won’t “remember” something means that they can do something potentially detrimental.

      Your post was amazing. It’s nice to see intelligent, thoughtful comments on here amongst the garbage.

  9. “that baby” is so cute!
    lovely pics!
    Listen to yourselfs carrying on about getting a nanny..good on her we had a similar thing when i had my son a “night nurse” it was so helpful considering id had a ceasarean it helped me get some sleep and some learning tips with the baby. She isnt slacking out on anything and as a first time mum if she can afford it, why not?

    Kamila, you dont have to have a have a husband whos a film producer to hire a nanny LOL
    Your making yourself sound special..I can afford a nanny and so can hundreds of familys here in Australia, they are not expensive!
    Infact im a full time working mum, im a director of a long day care centre, the majority of familys in my centre ( with 2 or more children) DO have nannys so step off your soap box and stop gloating.
    why bother? its a website about celebs…have you nothing else to do but troll this article?

  10. JEEZ. I don’t begrudge her hiring some help at all. Her child looks happy and healthy (as does she) and I suspect she is a loving and devoted mom.

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