Benjamin Millepied Is On The Go With Aleph

Dancer dad Benjamin Millepied and his 1-year-old son Aleph were without mom Natalie Portman as they were spotted out for a sunny stroll in Los Angeles, California today (September 21).

Adorable Aleph seemed snug in his 4Moms Origami stroller, which is a favorite of several other famous mamas, including Bethenny Frankel and Jennifer Garner.

Though Natalie has several movies in the works at the moment, it’s being reported that she plans on taking some time off to spend with her baby boy: “Natalie is being super choosy about her projects and taking more time off from acting,” says a source. “She has this glow about her these days. There’s been a change in her since the little man arrived. She and Benjamin are so content.”


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    • LMAO everyones saying the child is not his. But i don’t get how Natalies son could be Darrens because in the photos i see of Darren, Darren has brown eyes and Natalie has brown eyes so wouldn’t Natalies son be more likely to have brown eyes instead of the light eyes he has? Natalies husband has light eyes like his son. I don’t get it why people say he looks like Darren.

      • Not because Aleph looks like Darren, but because he looks exactly like Darren’s son with Rachel Weisz. Look for pictures of Henry Chance Aronofsky, you’ll see.
        Didn’t Liv Tyler find out Steven Tyler’s was her dad because she looked exactly like Steven’s legitimate daughter? These things happen. We’ll see.

        • Okay! I see! i didn’t know why people were saying that but now i do. And yeah i know 2 parents with brown eyes can produce a light eyed child but it’s still rare or less likely. Thanks! And yeah now that i see Darrens son he looks so much like Natalies son!!

          • It’s actually just as likely that two brown eyed people would create a blue eyed child as it is for one brown eyed and one blue eyed person to create one. Blue is a recessive gene so if one parent has brown eyes, the baby has a higher chance of having brown eyes. The likeliness doesn’t decrease even more just because both parents have brown eyes. It’s unlikely to begin with. But it does happen, as you’ve said.

      • And blue eyes are a recessive gene, two parents with brown eyes can absolutely have a child with blue eyes, if they both have the gene.

        • yep. my ex-husband has brown eyes and mine are hazel (almost like a golden/dark green color.. i have a weird eye color lol) and our daughter came out with BRIGHT blue eyes. now (she’s 3) and they’re green, the exact same shade of green as my dad’s eyes.

  1. Actually – it wouldn’t be so weird if two people hook up on a movie set. And that people get pregnant and meet someone else who will take care of that child has also happened before. I think that it for sure is Darren´s child. I think that both Natalie and Benjamin are very small people. We know that Natalie is very short ,and look – Benjamin is just a little bit taller. Their kid are big. Darren Aronofsky is a tall man, so yeah. Of course, we don’t know, but there is a huge chance there.

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