Divorce Has Been Hard On Suri Cruise

The divorce between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise was settled quickly and easily. However US Weekly reports 6-year-old Suri is having a hard time adjusting.

A friend of Katie’s told US Weekly, “She said the divorce has been hard on Suri and she’s acting out. Katie says no to some things, but gives a little leeway. She knows Tom is going to spoil her.”

As for switching designer clothes for her school uniform at Avenues – the insider says, “She wants [her] to fit in and be more of a normal kid.”

In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily earlier this month – the Holmes & Yang designer talked about doing crafts with Suri and doing the best that she can.

She shared, “I spray-paint shoe racks, because, why not?. [Sometimes] I think, ‘Oh, I’m a great mom’ — and then it doesn’t really pan out the way I think it’s going to. But the intention’s there. I’ve always painted and done crafts at home — I have to stay creative in every aspect [of my life]. My sister teaches art, and she gives me a lot of ideas.”

She added that she’s attempting to do something new every day, without “being afraid to fail.”

“Who cares? At least you tried. It’s usually the people who haven’t tried who are the naysayers.”


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  1. well any divorce is hard… but there are additional factors here. She is starting school for the first time. Dad is away for months at a time. There may well have been significant changes to her routine/house rules since the divorce. She is hounded by papparazzi whenever she walks out her front door (which is not new but a) may have intensified and b) has to be harder when you are feeling more unsettled).

    …so a lot going on for this child. I’m sure it is hard on her.

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