Fergie: I’m Not Pregnant, “I’m A Couple Pounds Up”

Despite her hubby of three years Josh Duhamel personally alluding to the fact that they are ready to start a family, singing sensation Fergie, 37, wants to put the rumors to rest – again – that she is currently not expecting.

“[People ask if I’m pregnant] every time I fluctuate a few pounds,”  the Black Eyed Peas singer tells Rachael Ray on Thursday (September 20). “Like right now, I’m a couple pounds up. Sometimes I go a couple pounds down and I wear the clothes that are more fitted, but people kind of look at me because they’re expecting [that] it’s that time.

“We do hope for children,” she adds. “And that will be coming up, but it’s not yet.”

For the time being, Fergie is enjoying spending quality time with her hubby – who recently wrapped production on the movie Safe Haven with Julianne Hough, 24.

“I love [wearing] sweats,” Fergie comments of their low-key lifestyle. “I steal Josh’s T-shirts. It’s fun! They’re baggy and he likes it.”

“I hate when he comes in in the middle of me getting ready,” she adds. “It just ruins the whole thing.”I’m always like, ‘Get out!’ You want to come out and present.


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  1. This woman is so annoying, just like Jennifer Aniston, talking about the babies she’s going to have and she never has any. It’s not that anyone cares one way or the other but quit blowing smoke.

    • exacaaaaaaaactly my point! Josh is always running around talkin about havin babies and Fergie is always like “im not ready!’ Woman your 35 u better get ready!!!

  2. I firmly believe that it is nobodies decision but hers as to when she has children. True, by the time a woman reaches 35, her reproductive abilities drastically decrease as will the quality of her eggs (same for men and sperm), and the risk for brain and other abnormalities in the child increases, many women have had perfectly healthy pregnancies into their 40’s. I don’t think the media should broadcast anything about her personal life. It is nobodies business in the first place. She is a beautiful, strong, smart woman who knows whats best for her. Lets just leave it at that.

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