Harold Perrineau & Wife Expecting Baby No.3!

Life is about to get a little bit busier for actor Harold Perrineau and wife Brittany. The couple confirmed today that they’re expecting their third child!

There’s no word on a due date just yet, but the baby on the way will join big sisters Aurora Robinson, 18, and Wynter Aria, 4.

The former Lost star, 49, has news on the career front as well: He’ll be starring alongside Brian Austin Green in the upcoming TBS series Wedding Band.


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  1. I love his acting… Is the 18 year old their daughter together? Just asking because the girls are spaced out in age.. Congrats!!

    • Why is it disgusting? They are a man and woman who love each other, and they are welcoming another baby into the world. I think it’s lovely. Their girls are gorgeous! Congrats to them!

      • I agree it’s “not cool” to be racist but people shouldn’t be locked up for the thoughts or feelings they have. Living in a country with freedom of speech means tolerating things you don’t like as well as those you agree with. Suggesting incarceration for an internet comment is scarier than the original statement in my opinion.

      • What made you interpret anon’s comment as racist? Maybe they think these people are too old? Maybe they thing people shouldn’t have large families?

        You’re the one that threw out the race card, not anon.

    • We are congratulating them because we want to, because we think it is wonderful news, & because we are not ignorant & disgusting like you anon.

  2. why is it disgusting? they’ve been together a really long time and they’re having another baby. it doesn’t say they’re plotting to kidnap a baby from the maternity ward. congrats to them, their kids are really cute.

  3. Who in the heck are these 2 people? I have never heard of them in my life. Have I been living under a rock or what? I am usually always up on what is going on in these celeb sites! LOL!

  4. He doesn’t look 49! Neither one of them look old enough to have an 18 year old. I think it’s lovely they’ve been together so long. Congratulations!

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