Kristin Cavallari Weighs In On Postpartum Pounds

New mom Kristin Cavallari wants to set the record straight!

After a headline stating she’s already “lost all her baby weight” just 6 weeks postpartum, The Hills alum fought back with the truth. “Just like every other new mom out there, they know the weight just does not magically fall off,” she told Life & Style.

She added: “The truth is I am struggling to lose the last few pounds that I have but I am happy with my weight and I’m not going to kill myself for it.”

The original story claimed that the former Laguna Beach star – who gave birth to son Camden on August 8 – had been “working out like crazy with a trainer” and had already shed the postpartum pounds.

Kristin also took to Twitter to further address the false statements.

“I haven’t lost all of my baby weight yet. That’s sending the wrong message to women,” Kristin wrote.


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  1. Why should she have to defend herself over this?! Sometimes women do actually lose the weight that quickly, especially if she was already thin before pregnancy. With both of my kids, I lost the weight within two weeks postpartum.

    • Yeah, exactly, it also depends on your structure, if you’re naturally thin and you’re careful and eat healthy during the pregnancy, you don’t have so much to lose.

  2. She is semi tall and never was fat to start with and never GOT fat while pregnant so of course she will look awesome after a baby, too many women just eat like its their last day on earth and have the mind set oh im gonna enjoy this pregnancy, ok well enjoy it but have fun looking like a beach whale once the baby is out. She looks great good for her! I have had 3 kids, I am five 11 and weigh 130 andlook damn good my husband cant keep his hands off me! 3 kids! i lost all the baby weight in about 6 weeks too, just dont get fat to start with.

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