NeNe Leakes: “I Am Overjoyed Being A Glam’Ma”

NeNe Leakes has joined forces with ShoeDazzle‘s Celebrity Shoe Design Program for Charity. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, 44, designed a black, lace cut out, caged bootie with gold detailing named Nethia, a shortened version of her full name, Linnethia.

The reality TV star opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about designing the charity shoe for a charity close to her heart, Saving Our Daughters, an organization that empowers young women against abusive relationships — a situation she is all too aware of. She also talks about her new “Glam’baby” (a.k.a. granddaughter) Bri’asia, and the reason why her 22-year-old son Bryson kept the pregnancy a secret from her.

CBS: Tell us about teaming up with ShoeDazzle‘s Celebrity Shoe Design Program for Charity. Tell us about your design and the charity Saving Our Daughters.

NL: “Teaming up with ShoeDazzle was great and to be able to do a charity shoe for Saving Our Daughter’s was a privilege and an honor! I was in the process of putting a shoe line together so doing my first shoe for charity was truly a blessing.

Saving Our Daughters is an organization based in Atlanta that works with teen girls to help them develop the tools to avoid and cope with date abuse, violence against women, bullying, and other self-esteem slayers.”

CBS: Why is this charity so close to your heart?

NL: “The charity is very near and dear to my heart because I was in an abusive relationship at a young age with my boyfriend.”

CBS: Congratulations on the recent arrival of your granddaughter Bri’asia. How is she doing? Do you get to spend a lot of time with her?

NL :”My Glam’baby is doing great! She’s such a doll. I always have her with me whenever I am in Atlanta.”

CBS: Have you had the opportunity to sit down with your son Bryson and ask why he kept the pregnancy a secret from you? If so, what do you think you’ve both learned from that experience?

NL: “Yes we have discussed him keeping it a secret. Bryson felt like he was letting me down by having a child so young and out of wedlock.

I’ve learned that you have to always keep the doors of communications open for your children no matter the age or situations.”

CBS: Do you have any other grandchildren? How old are both your sons? Do you get along well with them both?

NL: “This is my first Glam’baby. My sons are 22 & 13. We have a great relationship! They are my boys and I love them.”

CBS: What are some of the greatest joys of being a grandmother?

NL: “The greatest joy of being a Glam’Ma is that I can totally spoil her and send her back to her mother!”

CBS: We hear you paid for everything for your granddaughter. Some people criticized you for doing this, saying you are enabling your son and not setting a good example. Please comment.

NL: “Everybody has to do what works for them and their family. I wanted to buy her everything. I have never had a daughter and always wanted to have one. My son is being the best father he can be at 22 and that works for us.”

CBS: At 44, is it hard to identify yourself as a grandmother? Are you proud of the title?

NL: “I never thought I would be, but I am just overjoyed being a Glam’Ma.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

NL: “Hollywood is next for me! I hope to produce & create shows someday.”

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