Snooki: Breast Milk Is “Best” For My Baby

With perfect hair paired by a fresh manicure and fake eyelashes, new mom Snooki shared another sweet snapshot of her 3-week-old son Lorenzo.

“He holds his bottle like a champ,” the Jersey Shore star, 24, wrote via Instagram. Presumed to be pumped breast milk in Enzo’s bottle, Snooki tweeted about the benefits of breastfeeding.

When a fan asked, “Does breastfeeding really burn like a zillion calories?,” the reality TV starlet tweeted Thursday,

“I’ve lost a lot of my baby weight! Also it’s the best for him!” Snooki wrote.

The proud new mom has been sharing plenty of photos on social media since the August 26 birth of her firstborn child with fiancé Jionni LaValle.


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  1. I think this photo of Enzo is adorable! I have to admit, I am not a fan of Snooki but, it seems like the wording in this article is putting to much emphasis on the fact that she is dressed up with hair and makeup and that the milk is pumped rather than him being at her breast. One, she deserves to look good because that helps with you self esteem and also the way that she feeds her baby is done by so many. So I really don’t see the big deal about it being in a bottle.

  2. Baby Enzo is so adorable, and while I have never been a fan of hers, I’m glad to see that she’s growing up a little bit. Im also glad that she’s BF’ing, especially since she cracked jokes about it. It’s so much more different when you do it, after you’ve been hesitant about it. Glad she enjoys it, it is the best for baby, and a wonderful bonding experience. Also happy that she’s doing bottles, since that means that everyone can get in on the feedings.

  3. Apparently she doesnt realize that breastmilk DIRECTLY from the breast is what is ‘best. Her expressed milk is SECOND best. Bottle feeding fresh breastmilk still has the antibodies and all the goodness of breastmilk, but the bottle increases the risk of ear infection (the suckling is different and does not open the tubes in the ears up like suckling at the breast), nor does it provide proper jaw development. If the milk was frozen or heated up improperly, it has lost a lot of it’s goodness (though it is still way better than formula). Not to mention the extra effort required to express often enough this early to maintain supply. I hope she is feeding from the breast most of the time and only occasionally bottle feeding. However, at the breast or full time expression…both are commendable.

    • You have decided it’s not “fresh” because it comes from a bottle? Lol. I pumped with my youngest son as he was premature. He was fed fresh because I always had it. In addition, I used a pump every three hours. Have you ever heard of an electric pump? Lots of mom’s have them, including working moms. I can assure you, there was no “extra effort” involved and it took about 15 minutes for both breasts. Not only did my son have fresh, but I had 60 small frozen bottles when we left the NICU 6 weeks later.

  4. There’s nothing wrong with fixing up if the photo is going to be posted online….it’s a sweet picture and those who are criticizing need to grow up. Not everyone frumps around in their bathrobe just because they had a baby.

  5. I can’t stand the woman, but I’m really glad to see that she has turned out to be a pretty good mother, despite all her outlandish comments while she was pregnant. I don’t feel sorry for her little boy the way I thought I would, and in this instance I’m glad I have to eat my words.

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