Denise Richards’ Sam Goes Horse Riding

Denise Richards shared a photo of 8-year-old Sam riding a horse on Thursday (September 20).

She wrote: “Had to share this pic of Sami terrified watching her but proud!”

Prior to that Tweet she also posted a pic of herself in curlers and added, “On the set of 90210…I’m in heaven with all the dogs! Everyone brings their dog to work.”

In the show Richards plays Gwen – described as a “sexy, wealthy socialite who graduated from West Beverly High School” by TV Guide.

The new season of 90210 premieres on Oct. 8. Richards’ episode will air Nov. 26.

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  1. Sami looks great on her horse. Her posture is good and heels down. I heard that a lot as I learned to ride.I am so glad Sami is in an active, healthy sport. LA destroys so many people. I’m glad to see Sami on a healthy path in her life. Get ready for the horse shows, and riding attire! Sami has talent in riding especially riding English
    style. Go Sami!

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