Maggie Gyllenhaal: As A Mom You Know “Secret Things”

Maggie Gyllenhaal was on the Today show Friday when she talked about her new film Won’t Back Down. The actress – who raises Ramona, nearly 6, and Gloria, 5 months, with husband Peter Sarsgaard – shared some insight into being a mom of two.

She said, “Once you’re a mom, there are like these little sort of secret things you know. You know that in your pocket you’ll find a bag of Cheerios. … Little secrets that you just wouldn’t know otherwise. … This kind of way you can kind of fight for something you otherwise wouldn’t have known. Also, there’s this whole spectrum of feelings that I just didn’t have until I had my girls.”

In the movie she plays a mother who fights to help her children get a good education.

“The person that I play in the movie ends up being kind of a hero. She really does risk everything for her daughter’s education and … I wanted people who saw it to feel like they could make that kind of change, too.”

This past week her brother Jake Gyllenhaal was also promoting his own movie End of Watch. Speaking to Anderson Cooper he spoke about his “extraordinary” nieces.

People reports the actor said the girls are “the best thing that happened to my family probably ever.”

He added, “Even at this age, my older niece will come up to her [sister] and joke to her, and she’ll laugh and then she’ll run away and she starts to cry.”




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  1. Her daughter is adorable. Poor Maggie’s always had a middle-aged face. Nothing wrong with it when you’re middle-aged, not so much when you’re 20-something or 30-something.

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