Giuliana Rancic Reports To The Red Carpet

Baby boy Edward Duke may be less than one month old but that didn’t stop his mama Giuliana Rancic from reporting to duty on the red carpet this past weekend. The television personality -who recently welcomed her first child via gestational surrogate with husband Bill Rancic on August 29th – hosted the E! network’s Primetime Emmy Awards Countdown to the Red Carpet special on Sunday (September 23).

“I’ve missed you so much,” the new mom tells her Fashion Police cohorts.

“It’s so different not having you there,” co-host Kelly Osbourne responds. “Not that we haven’t had amazing guests, but I missed you so much.”

Giuliana proceeded to share numerous pictures of her new son, laughing: “I always vowed I would never be one of those moms who brought pictures, but I’m one of those moms!”

“It’s hard to believe he’s almost a month old,” she adds.


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    • cb- I agree with you. We have been hearing from this couple over and over about how much they wanted a baby and what a struggle they were having and now she leave him before he is one month old to work???? If she was on maternity leave she would be out for at least 6 weeks. Shouldnt she take at least same amount of time to bond with her baby before she goes out to work?????

    • I agree, it looks- as always- just as all she wanted was staying in the news forever. She’s basically occupying the media.
      But someone tell this pathetic woman to eat, she’s really anorexic!

  1. Yikes! Some of these comments are really harsh! Perhaps her baby is with her in LA? He does have this other person in his life, namely his father. She can work for a half of a day without impacting her bond with her son. I had to start a new job when my daughter was only 14 days old. That doesn’t make me a terrible mother. Especially since she was home with her father.

    And the anorexic comments are horrible, too. One of my dear friends suffers from anorexia and she is an amazing mother. Besides does anyone know, for a fact, that she has an eating disorder? I feel like those labels are thrown around very carelessly. She may be underweight (I have no clue, I’m not her doctor), but that doesn’t mean that she has an eating disorder.

    • It’s not labeling, it’s just noticing that she’s unhealthily skinny and that’s for sure not good for her, for her son and husband and for people who may look up at her. I’m not a doctor so I can’t say clinically where does anorexia start, but I think that by seeing her o skinny we can all guess that she’s very close to it.
      So it’s not an insult but an invite to do something. Obviously working for one day doesn’t make her a bad mother, but it’s not just this one day, this woman is every day seeking attention for absolutely no interesting reason.
      We’ve had enough of her.
      She should, in my humble opinion, stay at home to take care of herself and her baby, because that’s what normally a woman in her condition does.

      • You’ve “had enough of her”? Then why do you know so much about her? Why are you commenting? Why are you investing any of your time in her?

        People like you who post things like “she should stay at home to take care of her baby” are so hypocritical. Why don’t you get off the internet and go take care of your own (if, heaven forbid, you have any).

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