Katie Holmes & Suri Park It

Actress Katie Holmes, 33, and her 6-year-old daughter Suri were spotted enjoying the day at a New York City park on Sunday (September 23).

We last saw the duo as Katie took took Suri out after school in New York City. The pair went to eat at Alice’s Tea Cup and then headed over to the American Girl store.

It seems Katie is trying to rekindle an old friendship with her former Dawson’s Creek co-star Joshua Jackson, 35.

He recently revealed that Katie called him up for a little catch-up.

“Yeah, actually,” The Fringe star, 35, confirms on the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight show.

“Like any old friend, it was like, ‘Oh, hi how are ya? What’s going on?’; ‘I had a kid,'” he says. The chat was “nice.”

“It was very nice, actually,” he adds.


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  1. Granted her being spoiled and all off the negativity about the way she acts ..She has got to be probably one of the most gorgeous little girls I have seen !!

    • Leslie she really is and I think that is why she is so popular with the paps and her facial expressions is stunning. Plus she used to wave to the paps when she was younger and blow kisses. She was always smiling. But now she is at the age where she really notices them. Add the divorce and her father always working all these things causes her to have mood swings.

      • Mood swings? Could it be that every other 6-year old on the planet does the same thing? Why do you ascribe different characteristics to this child when she behaves normally?

  2. I think Katie made a very positive decision regarding her marriage and in filing and getting sole custody of Suri! Happy to see Suri in school and playing with other kids her age. NOW….if Katie would just put some jeans, a top with sleeves, socks, and sport, lace up shoes on her for visits to the park, etc., it would be a good idea! Dresses to the park where Suri is climbing equipment is NOT a good idea at all with all those paps around. Hope she will use some common sense for Suri!

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