Alicia Keys On Egypt’s “Natural” Musical Ability

He’s not quite two years old, but Alicia Keys can already see glimpses of musical talent in her “incredible” son Egypt.

“He loves to play the piano and he loves to dance,” the ‘Girl on Fire’ singer tells BBC Breakfast of her toddler. “He’s just a joy. I haven’t got him doing the scales just yet, and I don’t want to be that type of mother but I have observed that when he’s playing the piano against another child of his age, the other child is like bang, bang, bang and he’s different. So he has good construction in his fingers so maybe it’s just natural.”

Alicia, who is married to Egypt’s dad Swizz Beatz, also reveals that little Egypt has a “huge personality,” adding that she tries to be very conscious of the lessons she passes along as he grows up.

“I want him to be great and there’s a time for everything so we go through a lot of emotions but it’s mostly all love, which is the most important thing,” she muses. “But he’s a good one, he’s really good – I definitely got a good one!”


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  1. Aww, of course he’s going to be great, I mean look who his role model is. As far as the piano, I’m sure he’s watched and heard Alicia play enough to understand a lot more than the average two year old. He is a doll baby and Alicia and Egypt are blessed to have each other.

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