Lily-Rose Depp: Frozen Yogurt With A Friend

The 13-year-old daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis – Lily-Rose – was spotted in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (September 23). In her signature short denim shorts and exposed midriff, the teen stepped out with a friend and the bodyguard for some frozen yogurt at Cantaloop.

After 14 years together, Johnny and Vanessa announced their separation in June. They are also parents to 10-year-old son Jack.

And there’s more bad news for the Pirates of the Caribbean actor! A water safety expert recently died on the set of his new film, The Lone Ranger. The 48-year-old welder had worked for producer Jerry Bruckheimer for twenty years and had become friendly with Johnny.

But apparently the hunky actor, 49, hasn’t been too lonely.

Since their split, Johnny has been romantically linked to his Rum Diary costar Amber Heard, while Vanessa has been dating millionaire French businessman Guy-David Gharbi.


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  1. Her friend looks much older than her… That being said her parents really need to take her shopping. she seems to wear the same shoes, top and shorts everytime she is photographed. Perhaps since both her parents are already dating they dont have time to take her.

  2. I don’t think I understand why anyone would wear this … She is 13? Gosh. When I was 13, I only liked wearing sweat pants with a t-shirt and a hoodie!

  3. Why is she always dressed so provacatively? She’s as thin as a rail (like mom), so it’s not like she has something to show off. I’ll bet Johnny is gonna one day regret his statemenst about children raised in the U.S. Vs’s being raised in France.

    • yeaaah of course it’s because she was raised in France that she dress that way…such a stupid thing to say !I’m french and i never see 13 years old like that in the street…

      • No, this way of dressing is so clearly american.. I’m from europe too and i can say people here don’t dress like that.. Maybe in the uk, but not in the continent for sure..

  4. Lily is the spitting image of her father AND she clearly spends a lot of time with him since her facial expressions are just like his. Notice also the recent additions of the bracelets wrapped around a cloth on her wrist and multiple necklaces – just like daddy.

    • Eh, I guess she just really likes that outfit. When I was her age I had a favourite couple of shirts that I wore A LOT. It’s not a big deal, really.

  5. Lily’s outfit doesnt bother me..that much considering her parents..but it does seem every time I see pics it’s like the same outfit..I thought maybe it was the same day lol….but that friend…does she have pants on? lol..that’s really sad looking either way!…wow!

  6. Yikes. If that was my daughter I could /just/ about deal with the shorts but the top as well? No way.
    + She’s so tiny! I remember she was very ill a few years back, is it to do with that?

  7. why would anyone be surprised by Johnny Depp’s daughter dressing like this? I feel bad for the child. I would think it takes a great deal of shopping to find that many trashy outfits.

  8. I dont understand why everyone thinks she has just this pair of shorts! She probably has a ton and they all look the same. You know teens- they find one thing they think looks good on them and they hoard of bunch of same or similar items. With that said, as a parent no one should let their children dress like that, bodyguard or no. Hollywood may seem like a different world, and maybe it is in some respects, but it’s not immune from child predators and older men thinking she is dressing like that for a reason. Her mother especially needs to be more present and aware of her clothing choices, for sure.

  9. I’m pretty liberal with the clothes thing (i think its only a big deal if you make it one), but this is a little much, especially the shirt. the outfit is not even trendy, and def. not the norm for 13 year old girls. i get the bodyguard now.

  10. The 90s called. They want their clothes and choker back.

    Does this kid have any other clothes? I don’t think we’ve seen her in any other clothes since she was a little kid.

  11. The people commenting here, calling CHILDREN ugly and gross should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. Nasty, nasty comments . Shameful.

  12. It’s just a teenage phase, come on. She likes it, so? Let her wear it. But her friend’s outfit is ridiculous. Is she running around with just her underpants?!

  13. Have you seen 13 year olds in these days?? They all dress like that (shorts and heels) and I don’t think it’s their fault, they are still kids right? But I can’t understand what is going on with their parents? I mean, someone has to give those girls money to buy such ugly outfits.

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