Adam Sandler & Lunches With His Three Leading Ladies

Hotel Transylvania star Adam Sandler was spotted with his wife Jackie and their two daughters Sadie, 6, and 3-year-old Sunny leaving the La Piazza Restaurant after catching the movie Paranorman at The Grove in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday (September 22).

Although the comedian recently managed to win both the worst actor and actress categories in this year’s Razzie Awards for his movie Jack and Jill, Adam can at least count on the support of his eldest daughter as a fan of the box office disaster.

‘There’s a mocked up picture of me that we made in my house and my daughter, Sadie, loves it. Every time I talk about this, I say, Grown Ups is coming out,'” Adam once told told Teen Hollywood.

Then adopting his daughter’s voice, he continued, ‘”Jack and Jill?” No. I have to do Grown Ups first. “Then Jack and Jill?” Well, no. I’m doing one with [Jennifer] Aniston and that’s going to be good. “Then Jack and Jill?” Nope, but we’ll get there. She’s excited about that.”


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    • For whatever reason, the paps aren’t interested in her and if they aren’t interested in her, they don’t stalk her and take her picture. Just because you don’t see her on all the gossip web sites doesn’t mean she’s not actively involved with her kids.

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