Courtney Mazza: “We’d Like Another Baby ASAP”

Broadway dancer Courtney Mazza and her soon-to-be husband, Extra host Mario Lopez, recently celebrated the second birthday of their adorable daughter Gia. In a Mickey Mouse-themed birthday party, Gia’s guests enjoyed fun and educational crafts in the BabbaBox, and went home with personalized goodies from Mabel’s Labels.

Courtney opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about Gia’s latest milestone that “melts my heart,” dealing with online criticism, her upcoming December nuptials with the hunky Saved by the Bell alum, and their hopes for baby No. 2 “ASAP.”

CBS: Tell us about Gia’ 2nd birthday party. What was the theme?

CM: “Gia’s 2nd birthday Party was a Minnie Mouse theme. She was so excited to see Minnie everywhere! It was also my bridal shower. It was in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA for 24 hours so I had no choice but to combine the parties. It was good, clean fun!”

CBS: Tell us one of Gia’s recent milestones.

CM: “Gia recently started telling us, ‘I love you.’ Hearing those words melts my heart.”

CBS: What is she into these days?

CM: “Gia loves makeup! She’ll get out my makeup bag and put on powder, blush and lip stick! She knows how to apply it, too! Maybe she can do my makeup in a few years. Gia also does pull ups! is that normal? [laughs]. She is very strong.”

CBS: How do you handle online criticism/judgements? How do you plan to protect Gia from this in the future?

CM: “I really try to ignore negative criticism, and we are instilling enough self esteem in Gia to help her do the same.

With the bullying that we hear so much about in school, we have to teach our kids to be good, kind-hearted yet strong people that focus their energies on the positives.

I don’t judge others and what they do, and will teach that to Gia as well. Honestly, I only have time to worry about my family and friends. In the past, I would read negative comments and they would hurt me. But, I’ve learned to grow thick skin and realize that people who seem to consistently cyber thrash and continuously make negative judgements about others tend to be unhappy, unfulfilled people. Personally, I love my life!”

CBS: What are your biggest hopes and dreams for Gia? Will you allow her to enter showbiz if she shows an interest?

CM: “I want Gia to do whatever makes her happy. Mario and I come from very supportive families. We will support no matter what she decides to be.”

CBS: We hear you’re getting married in December! Where will it be? Are you nervous?

CM: “Our wedding is in Mexico and yes I am very nervous! It’s so close.”

CBS: Are you hoping to have another baby soon? Maybe a boy this time?

CM: “We’d like another baby ASAP! We don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl as long as it is healthy – Gia needs a sibling! Julio (our dog) may not be happy..”


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  1. I can’t stand C-List celebrities who use their kid’s birthday to make a few bucks off of product placement. It’s disgusting.

  2. Gia is a cutie pie and she looks like her mother depending on what angle or face she makes. she is adorable as she is. why does anyone care if she got paid for the products or not? sounds like someone is jealous and if it were you, you’d do the interview or as you say, “product placement.” either way, she’s taking care of her child. why should you even care?

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