Fran Drescher Urges Nursing Mothers To Test Their Breast Milk

The Beautician and the Beast star Fran Drescher, 57, has made it her personal duty to urge nursing mothers to get their breast milk tested after discovering American women are passing on harmful heavy metals and chemicals to their babies.

The Nanny actress –  who is a uterine cancer survivor –  admits she was stunned to learn that U.S mamas have more flame retardants in their breast milk than any other women on the planet, some of which are the same chemicals manufacturers use on upholstery, curtains and carpets.

“This is something that is not really talked about and yet we’re all wondering why all these kids suddenly have all these learning disabilities and attention deficit and autism and there has not been a connection made,” she explains on the Washington, D.C. radio program The Tommy Show on Monday (September 24). “We’re kinda selling these women that breast milk is the second coming (but) do any of these women check for high levels of heavy metals or chemicals? I don’t think so.”

Fran is encouraging nursing women to undergo a three-day test which ensures they aren’t passing metals to their children, adding, “The doctors can give you a kit to take home.”

She also suggests replacing traditional cosmetic products with holistic ones like virgin coconut oil, which she says can be used on everything from sautéeing vegetables to smearing on your body.

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  1. While I agree it would be best for people to use more natural products for cleaning/bathing etc – once they have children in the home — this lady is waaaay off base here.

  2. She makes a lot of sense. I have heard this before, that many womens’ breast milk is polluted from environmental toxins. Perhaps they should get the formula tested also.

  3. Fran looks GREAT for 57… oh wait… she was BORN in 1957. Well, she still looks great and is getting out an important message! Get your facts right.

  4. I’m currently a nursing mothing (second child)
    Good suggestion but you don’t want to discourage mothers from nursing their children in fear of metals, toxins etc.
    In the past there were many mental dissabilities with different names but they’ve all been grouped together into the broad spectrum of ‘Autism’ making it seem as if there are more cases now than ever, which is not the case. Many old dissabilities have just been plunked into the ‘Autism’ category.

    Breastmilk, eating healthy and always cleaning fruit and veg is the best approach for the health of mom and baby.

    I’m not running to the doctors in a panic to test my milk, he’d look at me and want to test my urine instead- for drugs!!! Haha.

  5. While it’s true there are environmental toxins in human breastmilk, the very important facts that have not been noted here are that breastmilk also has amazing detoxifying properties, is full of stem cells, is tailored to the child’s specific health and nutrition needs through bio-feedback at the breast and is the most nutritious substance on earth. Furthermore, the breastmilk of ALL animals contains environmental toxins and heavy metals. Formula (the only other option since detoxing is NOT safe when breastfeeding (more toxins are released through the milk)) is far more heavily laden with chemicals than human milk is, because it’s made from cows’ milk or genetically modified soy and contains none of the healing, detoxifying properties, stem cells or tailored nutrition that human milk does.

    If you’re going to make a PSA to women about stuff like this, at least treat them like grown ups and give them ALL the facts, not just the ones you want to share. This is just another boobie trap, unfortunately, and preys on women who want to breastfeed and do the best for their children but aren’t fully informed about how breastfeeding and breastmilk substitutes work. For shame. I can’t believe this misinformation is being portrayed as help for women and families.

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