Kristina Robinson Head Expecting Baby No. 2

It looks like Kristina Robinson Head is about to become a mom again.

The 16 & Pregnant star and her husband TJ Head are currently expecting their first child together. The news was announced on Kristina’s official Facebook fan page:

“We are happy to announce that Kristina and her husband TJ are expecting a son! Kristina is currently 21 weeks pregnant and is due mid January 2013. The little man already has a name which will be announced soon, maybe even once we get to 2,000 likes :)”

Kristina recently posted a picture of her baby bump with the name “Tommie Joseph Head” written on it.

Kristina tragically lost her fiance and the father of her then unborn child Lucas – who turns one today  –  when he drowned off the coast of Texas during Season 4 filming.


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  1. I am sorry but these TEENS do one reality show it does not make them a celebrity. I dont think they should be featured jmo. And having another baby so young should not be newsworthy!!

  2. These teen moms NEVER learn!
    -Leah Messer got pregnant again! He then fiance admitted it to a magazine, why would he lie? She wasn’t pregnant with twins but she was pregnant with a single baby AGAIN.
    -Maci Bookout wanted to have another baby at 19 with her then boyfriend Kyle! And even asked him on Teen mom!
    -Catelynn Lowel and Tyler had unprotected sex AGAIN! They even admitted it when Catelynn was getting a birth control put inside her, the doctor asked her if she had unprotected sex and she said no. Then when they came home Tyler asked her why she lied and said she didn’t when she did. WOW even giving up their children for adoption doesn’t faze these kids or teach them anything.

  3. Great, that’s all we need. I do wish these sort of people would stop breeding. They’re like dogs; the moment they reach puberty, if you leave them alone together they’re just going to keep pumping out child after child.

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