Mason & Mercy: Fast Friends

Kitty love!

Two-year-old Mason Disick “just cannot live without” his new furry friend Mercy, says aunt Kim Kardashian. The Teacup Persian cat was a recent gift from the socialite’s boyfriend Kanye West. “I’m going to have a really big problem if he gets too attached,” Kim jokes of her nephew.

“I get to wake up with Mason every day – he actually wakes me up every day looking for my kitty,” says Kim, who along with her sister Kourtney Kardashian and family is in Florida filming their reality show. “We can maybe share custody, so when I’m on the road there’ll be a permanent babysitter.”

As for the family’s other very adorable new addition, baby Penelope Scotland, Kim reveals that she’s been bonding with big brother Mason, too: “He’s so good. He loves her.”

Kim is also quick to praise her big sister, gushing, “It’s a lot to juggle when she works as much as she does. [Everything Kourtney does now requires] extra preparation, extra time. You need a bigger car, more car seats — an extra sister! It’s hard with two kids. She does it so effortlessly. I have a lot of friends who have two kids and she definitely makes it seem the easiest.”


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  1. I also feel sorry for the poor little thing. Small children often squeeze pets too hard damaging their internal organs It does seem Mason is gentle with it but kids are kids.

  2. that is one unfortunate looking kid and don’t get on me for saying what you’all are thinking. which serves these superficial pompuous people right!!!

    • bubbles is one seriously unfortunate thinking individual. If a small child’s looks don’t meet with her approval, she feels the need to let the world know. Of course, we all know what we’re all thinking about bubbles now!!!

  3. I think both the cat and the kid are adorable! Mason needs a haircut – what is up with these celeb parents not getting haircuts for their kids? Can’t they afford it?

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