Liev Schreiber & Boys: A Beautiful Bunch

Doting daddy and actor Liev Schreiber was seen making his way home with his two boys Sasha, 5, and Kai, 3, and the nanny in New York City on Tuesday (September 25). Mama Naomi Watts was not spotted with the foursome.

Speaking of Naomi…

According to her Diana co-star Charles Edward, the 43-year-old actress is “spot on” in her portrayal of the iconic Princess Diana.

“Naomi Watts is going to be terrific,” Charles – who plays Diana’s private secretary Patrick Jephson – tells “The scenes I had with her – I was so admiring of her because she not only got the main feel but also had the little details as well.”

“The glance that Diana used to do below the eyelashes,” he adds.  “She really has got it spot on.”

We also saw Liev and his beautiful boy on Monday when they enjoyed a stroll in the Big Apple.


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  1. Oh damn I thought he got caught cheating.. these pics are just WOW they look like a family.. I’m sure Naomi is secure but u CAN find an unhott nanny! When will they learn… Liev is soooo sexy!

  2. First of all she looks like an average looking woman- second shouldnt you hire person best for the job and not worry about your partner cheating on you? If they will cheat with the nanny they will cheat with anyone and probably already have.

  3. And if I might add, some men cheat ONLY when theres great opportunity. Say Liev were to cheat with the nanny (regardless of her being ugly or hott), that doesnt mean hes cheating with other women or has cheated before BUT if hes always around this woman without Naomi and spending countless hours together I say the risk of cheating greatly increases. Thats my opinion. And that comes from a secure, realistic woman who has never been cheated on by her husband

  4. You women (or men) are all are bitter about men… bless ur little hearts that u may find true love one day and not on the internet! Thumb me down ladies, it just ruins my day…NOT! haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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