Jewel Debuts Book, Talks Breastfeeding & Baby No. 2

Singer, songwriter, actress, and now author, Jewel, is a busy mom to 1-year-old son Kase with rodeo cowboy husband, Ty Murray. The Who Will Save Your Soul singer is debuting her children’s book, That’s What I’d Do, a sing-a-long book to share with your kids.

Jewel opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her son’s “cute sense of humor,” the joys of extended breastfeeding (even though she hates pumping “with a passion”), putting her career on the “backburner” since motherhood, and her thoughts on baby No. 2.

CBS: Tell us all about your new children’s book, That’s What I’d Do. We hear it’s a sing-a-long book. Tell us more.

J: “The book comes with a CD that contains a song I wrote for my son while I was pregnant. When I was writing it, I thought immediately about how I’d love to turn it into a book. It is sort of a love note that I wrote to my son that uses a lot of metaphors to explain how much I love him. I wanted to share it with parents so they could share it with their own children.”

CBS: Tell us how your son Kase responds to the book. Does he love storybook time?

J: “Kase smiles and loves the pictures and recognizing the little animals and colors that he knows. As he gets older, I am really excited to be able to share the meanings of the words more. I might use the book to help teach him rhyming and things like that. It will hopefully be like a little teaching tool when he gets older.

Kase loves storybook time, which is one of the reasons why I wrote the book. I loved words at a very young age, as they really inspired me. I wanted to write something that was poetic and metaphoric to really ignite his imagination and teach him to create his own metaphors.

One of my favorite things about the book was the poetic words. We have the CD in the car and Kase asks for it all the time. I also just talked to a gal in Australia, and she said that she and her daughter share it. The daughter says she wants the “Bubba Book,” the baby book, when they are at home. When they are at home, she asks for the “Bubba Music”…it’s so sweet!”

CBS: How is Kase doing? What is he into these days? What does he do to make you laugh?

J: “Kase is into blueberries. He is obsessed with blueberries and tries to say the word “blueberries” all day long. He is walking and really cruising around a lot. He also rides horses with his dad, sitting on dad’s lap.

Kase is really funny and has such a cute sense of humor. I laugh at him every day, but I am sure every parent does. Just the little looks he gives you and the little games he’ll play, like when he tries to imitate you.”

CBS: How did you celebrate Kase’s first birthday in July? What was it like to celebrate that milestone in your son’s life? How has your life changed in the past year?

J: “We had a little party with friends and got him a cake and presents and made a little fuss over him. He was pretty tickled about it [laughs].

Celebrating that milestone in my son’s life was unreal. I teach myself everyday that I went from being a homeless kid that should have been a statistic in a gutter somewhere to a happily married mom with a beautiful, healthy baby. It is amazing.

In regard to how my life has changed in the past year, I have put a lot of my career on the backburner. I have been doing a lot of things that let me work from home, such as this project. It is so fleeting, you know?

I am so blessed to have been able to make money and become successful in my life. I really felt like, what’s the point of making all that money if you don’t take an opportunity to not work? It cost me money and probably some fame, but that is absolutely fine with me. I feel like I am making the best decision in the world.”

CBS: Are you still breastfeeding? If so, how is that going?

J: “Yes, I am still breastfeeding and it is going well. Being raised on a ranch, you see what it does for the babies and their health. Kase has been perfectly healthy; he’s never had a cold or anything. So it’s been good. I hate pumping with a passion though [laughs].”

CBS: We have to ask…any plans for baby No. 2?

J: “No plans yet. My husband really feels like we beat the house, that it was a big gamble [laughs]. As a bull rider, he puts everything in terms of risk. Kase is such a cheery, happy baby, and my husband is worried that if we have another one, it won’t be such a good baby. I’d be more inclined to having another baby, so we will see who wins.”

CBS: Any plans for another album soon?

J: “I have a couple albums in the works, but I haven’t committed to one yet. I have a country album I would like to do, a Pieces of You style folk album, and a Christmas album. I am not sure exactly which is next.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

J: “Just releasing this book, and then I have a movie coming out. I was asked to play June Carter Cash in a movie about her life that will be out on Lifetime in the new year.”


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  1. I love what she said about putting her career on a back-burner in order to enjoy motherhood and just to be with her son. I now she struggled a bit to have a baby. She seems to be so happy and content with the decision she made. Giuliana Rancic could learn a thing or two from her.

    • Giuliana Rancic went to work for ONE NIGHT. Are you seriously putting her down for that? I bet if her husband had left for ONE NIGHT you wouldn’t have a thing to say about it.

      • Looks like someone doesn’t know what someone is talking about. She is making appearances, speeches, promoting coffee day in NYC with Bill today, not to mention her bad fashion line. She did not go one night to work, she is flying all over the country. For a woman who wanted a child so badly and went through so much, she certainly acts like work is more important than him. Red carpet and promotion of coffee day is a trivial thing. I used to like her, but now we all know what Rancics are all about: money!!!

  2. Continue to enjoy the life you want Jewel and Ty! Love Jewell’s view about money, and she is so grateful that her life is blessed with her family of hubby, son, and her talent being appreciated and being in a good place emotionally!

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