Matt Bellamy: Bing Has Mom Kate Hudson’s Personality

With a new album out, Muse frontman Matt Bellamy is gearing up for a future tour with the band – but he admits it won’t be easy to leave his family behind.

“It will be hard as Bing is 15 months now and at the age where his personality is starting to come through,” Matt, who is engaged to Bingham’s mom Kate Hudson, tells The Sun. “He loves music and banging on the piano. He has Kate’s personality. He’s so funny. ”

It sounds like he won’t have to miss Kate and the kids for too long, though, as Kate plans to bring her boys Bingham and Ryder and join him on the road for a stretch.

“Kate’s looking forward to coming on tour with the kids. Ryder (Kate’s son with ex-husband and Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson) is eight now and it will be cool to have them on tour,” he says.

Matt reveals that the band’s new album, The 2nd Law, was influenced by his new role as a dad, noting that “a lot has changed” in his life lately.

“I’ve always sung about what’s going on around me, my perceptions of the world and feelings at that time. So obviously something had changed when it came to writing this album. I’d just had a baby.”

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