Molly Sims Donates Diapers To Families In Need

Las Vegas star Molly Sims has been transformed by motherhood. In fact, the actress-model helped pass out hundreds of thousands of diapers at the Baby2Baby and Huggies Every Little Bottom Diapers + Donuts event on September 19 in Los Angeles, Calif.

And Celebrity Baby Scoop caught up with the new mom at the charitable event. “Before I had Brooks, I knew it took a village to raise a child, but I didn’t realize it took an army!” she said.

Molly said that becoming a mom has inspired her to help families in need.

“After seeing how many onesies and diapers we go through on a daily basis, I realize how important it is for babies to have everything they need to grow,” she shared. “That’s why I wanted to help distribute the 700,000 diapers Huggies Every Little Bottom provided to Baby2Baby, a LA-based organization. We unloaded a truckload of diapers that will serve LA families in need.”

Molly welcomed son Brooks Alan on June 19 with husband, film producer Scott Stuber.


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  1. Another celebrity pimping for Huggies. If parents cant afford the expensive disposables, instead of passing out a truck load of Huggies which will just end up clogging a landfill, why not give away reusable cloth diapers that you only buy once and are not made of plastic and chemicals? If Molly Sims really wanted to make a difference she would invest time in something that would be a long term help to low income parents rather than a short term band-aid and marketing ploy.

    • Because if there’s anything a low income family needs, it’s spending more money at the laundromat (or having their electric bill go up if they wash at home)!

  2. The headline is erroneous — in the article it says she helped “distribute” the diapers. That’s not the same as “donating”.

  3. Absolutely. It is plain to see she is putting a deal with Huggies before anyone’s welfare. Not only are these an insidious product, but they are full of harmful, hormone disrupting chemicals for babies. If she MUST distribute disposables, there are much healthier brands for babies and the planet – (ie biodegradable) and modern cloth nappies are really the go. I am not going to pay any more intention to what this girl is doing – she should spend more time researching what might be TRULY helpful, and less time looking for endorsements and their associated limelight at the cost of the planet and the future health of those babies.

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