Amy Adams’ Pretty Princess

Actress Amy Adams had her hands full yesterday, juggling her coffee cup and her adorable 2-year-old daughter Aviana while running errands in Beverly Hills, California (September 29). The pretty pair were joined by dad Darren Le Gallo as they stopped off to get some groceries at Pavillions.

The Trouble with the Curve star has the balancing act down pat – she recently talked about how she handles both motherhood and movie-making.

“I love that balance,” Amy tells USA Today. “I had a talk show blitz the other day. I had three hours down, so I raced home, changed out of my nice clothes and we walked to Central Park (in New York City) and did the merry-go-round because I promised her we’d do it before we went back – and she remembers. And then we walked back.”

As for Aviana, she says that her toddler is already a very independent little girl: “It’s funny. She doesn’t like to be held when she’s upset. She’s very independent,” Amy reveals. “This one woman kept going, ‘Why doesn’t she just pick her up?’ It’s like, ‘Do you know what would happen if I tried to pick my child up right now? She would lose her mind’. I probably shouldn’t worry about it. I love my child.”


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