Kate Gosselin Gets Double The Help

Kate Gosselin and her girls Mady and Cara went shopping in West Reading, PA on Saturday (September 29). The twins are growing up. They turn 12 next week!

Meanwhile Kate’s lawyers are currently fighting Robert Hoffman – a reported friend of Jon Gosselin who just released his e-book: Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World.

Radaronline say the book has been pulled from Amazon within two days after two law firms took aim at Hoffman. He reported her to Child Protective Services and alleges she is violent with her children.

Hoffman claims he has Kate’s personal journal, emails, contracts, tax returns – all gathered from the trash!



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    • I bought the book and would LOVE to share it, but i don’t know how to do that. I’m not very good on computers…sorry. It is a VERY eye opening book. I knew she wasnt very nice, but the book shows a side of her that I was stunned at how awful she really is. And the killer is most of it is Kate’s OWN words and personal docs!!!!! It’s crazy!!!

      • I gotta call BS on this one… I mean I think she is alot smarter than that. She definitely would not throw out her tax returns, contracts or personal journals. I just dont see her doing that. I am not a fan but I do think she is a smart woman. From what I can see not the best mother but def. a smart woman.

  1. She may be not be the best person out there.. and they may have had there differences, etc.. but why would you expose the mother of YOUR children like that?

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