Kendra Wilkinson & Hank IV: Park Pals

Reality star Kendra Wilkinson was snapped hugging it out with her adorable son Hank IV after he enjoyed some time playing at the park with pals in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (September 30).

Papa Hank Baskett recently talked about his nearly 3-year-old’s love of sports.

“Baby Hank got himself into sports! I hung a tennis ball in the garage and at first he was just [hitting it] with the tennis racquet to develop coordination, but now he has a little wiffle ball bat he’s working on. And he’s a tremendous soccer player!”

Kendra added, “We’re an athletic family. We want to push it on him!”


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  1. I think if they cut his hair, it wouldn’t be blonde anymore. His roots are coming in dark. Just an observation…

    • Some of us think he’s beautiful. It must be a sad world for you when you see a sweet little child and have to put him down.

  2. I agree with Anonymous an Anon2. I also don’t get it why people think this child is adorable or the cutest or anything. I mean when people see Bronx Wentz, they’re like, cut that hair or not adorable and with Hank Baskett Jr, they’re like so adorable. Only because Hank Baskett Jr is mixed and Bronx Wentz isn’t. Also for the people who replied, your sentences doesn’t make any sense!

  3. Aww Hank Jr is soo cute! I know this sound totally ridiculous, but AKM-GSI always have the best photos of this family, because in these photos they have good quality and I always see them hug in these photos or smile or making funny faces. This family totally warms my heart :^)

  4. Both for Hank and for Bronx they should cut their hair… First, I don’t think it’s comfortable for a boy, who’s always running and playing having this heavy and hot “blanket” on his head; second, it’s not even that cute.. It looks like they are not taken care of..

  5. coco – how is a boy having long hair any more uncomfortable than a girl having long hair??? That makes no sense at all. Girls with long hair run and play too. Adorable child. Looks well loved and cared for to me.

  6. It still bothers me so, that people put down and compare children. I guess inner issues are pretty strong for some! Anywho, this is one of many cutie pies featured on this site. And it looks like he is so happy and loved. Thought that was what’s the most important… Guess it’s just me..

  7. …. and her adorable son Hank IV? Pff Ya right!!! He’s not that cute. He’s to tall for his age and his hair is just YUCK! I’ve seen cuter kids than this one like the Schreiber Kids!

  8. No matter what he will always be her babby,people keep saying to cut his hair,but his hair is what makes him so adorable.Hank is one handsome little boy you can not take that from him no matter what you think.Just leave that sweet little boy alone God made him .

  9. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… but it’s PATHETIC to read comments from heartless/soul less individuals put down children. Don’t like his looks, don’t comment. Or better yet, put up a picture of yourself, so we can all comment about how PERFECT you are, right? Such BS.
    SideNote: The moderators on this site such restrict negative, hurtful and outright mean comments from being posted.

  10. Wow, Your son got so big!!! Philly in the house!! He’s so handsome!! How’s Big hank doing in FB????? Sorry to see him go, I think they should of given him another Year here!!! Take care!! Good Luck with Hanky, Jr……He needs a play mate!! Hint-Hint!!

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