Liev Schreiber Bikes With His Boys

That’s one busy bike!

Liev Schreiber had his two boys on board as he headed out for a bike ride in New York City this weekend (September 29). Both in stripes, Kai sat up front while his big brother Sasha took the bike’s back seat. Such gorgeous kids!

Liev’s longtime love Naomi Watts recently opened up about the start of their relationship, telling The Sun that they “hit it off right from the beginning” when they met at Metropolitan Museum Of Art’s costume ball back in 2005.

“We exchanged phone numbers and called each other after I left to go back home to LA,” she recalls. “I was very curious and intrigued about him and so, as soon as I was able to, I booked a flight back to New York. Then we worked on a film together in China, and as soon as he left it hit me how much I missed him and wanted to be with him again.”

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